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Propel your business to new heights with unparalleled Customer Engagement

  • Forget scattered customer data. We unify, consolidate, and optimize your information, empowering precise marketing strategies.
  • Tap into untapped customer data for lightning-fast, informed decision-making. React in real time for optimal results.
  • Understand and manage customer profiles better. Our segmentation refinements enable unique, personalized offers, creating exceptional customer experiences.
  • Convert abandoned carts into purchases and enhance customer loyalty with tailored communications. Using AI and machine learning, we ensure real-time engagement for higher conversions.
  • Establish consistent branding and communication across channels, while detecting at-risk customers. Re-engage them strategically to reinforce brand loyalty.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Engagement

Unleash the transformative power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Our experts harness the full potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create tailored strategies, drive engagement, and achieve impactful results.

Transform Customer Data into Actionable Insights with Data Cloud for Marketing

Harness the power of customer data with Data Cloud for Marketing – a comprehensive solution that activates data, scales insights with AI, and unifies customer data into a single, centralized profile. This holistic view of the customer enables informed decisions, personalized marketing campaigns, and exceptional customer experiences.

Automate Dynamic Offers for Personalized Customer Engagement with Marketing Cloud Personalization and Engagement

Leverage Marketing Cloud Personalization and Marketing Cloud Engagement to automate dynamic offers for each customer in real time across every touch point in the customer journey. Deliver personalized content, recommendations, and offers at the right time, fostering stronger customer relationships, driving conversions, and maximizing ROI.

Align Marketing and Sales for Revenue Growth with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams through Marketing Cloud Account Engagement – a solution that seamlessly integrates marketing and sales activities on the world’s #1 CRM platform. This unified approach enables effective collaboration, prioritization of key accounts, lead nurturing, and accelerated sales cycles, resulting in accelerated revenue growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Optimize Marketing Performance for Maximum ROI with Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Empower your marketing efforts with Marketing Cloud Intelligence – a comprehensive solution that enables you to optimize performance across every campaign, channel, and customer journey. Track KPIs, gain actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions that maximize your marketing ROI.

Nurture Customer Relationships and Foster Lasting Loyalty with Loyalty Management

Leverage Loyalty Management to nurture customer relationships and cultivate enduring loyalty. Understand customer preferences and behaviors, provide personalized rewards, exclusive offers, and exceptional customer service, fostering long-term customer loyalty that drives sustainable growth.

Unleash the Power of Data with the First CDP for Marketing

Make data actionable with Customer Data Platform (CDP), the first CDP software that natively integrates your marketing and CRM. Unify customer data from various sources, create a single source of truth, and deliver personalized experiences across all touch points, maximizing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Grow Revenue and Strengthen Customer Relationships with ABM

Empower your revenue growth and strengthen customer relationships with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) software. Prioritize key accounts, focus resources on those most likely to generate revenue, achieve targeted growth, and foster enduring customer partnerships.

Uncover Actionable AI Insights with Marketing Analytics

Leverage Marketing Analytics to drive greater impact, optimize budgets, and deliver more effective campaigns. Analyze data from various sources, gain insights into customer behavior, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Hyper-Personalize Customer Journeys Across Channels with Marketing AI

Embrace the power of purpose-built AI to optimize every aspect of the campaign lifecycle. Fuel customer engagement and team productivity. Leverage automation powered by Einstein, to guide customers through hyper-personalized journeys, across channels. Connect every moment across the customer relationship at scale with Cross-Channel Marketing.

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Our Streamlined Implementation Process for Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Success

At ETG Digital, we understand the importance and intricacies of a seamless implementation. Our below mentioned structured approach ensures a smooth transition and empowers you to harness the platform’s full potential right from the beginning.

Discovery and Assessment

Our experts thoroughly assess your business needs and marketing goals to develop a tailored implementation plan.

Discovery and Assessment
Strategic Planning and Design

Strategic Planning and Design

We collaborate closely with you to define KPIs, design customer journeys, and craft an implementation roadmap.

Data Integration and Configuration

Our team integrates Salesforce Marketing Cloud with your existing systems, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Data Integration and Configuration
Campaign Creation and Automation

Campaign Creation and Automation

We create personalized, Omni channel campaigns and implement automated workflows to streamline tasks.

Training and Support

We also provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Training and Support
Continuous Measurement and Improvement

Continuous Measurement and Improvement

It doesn’t end yet. Our team regularly monitors campaign performance and provides actionable recommendations for continuous improvement.

Discover how ETG Digital can transform your marketing strategy and drive business success

How We Transformed Marketing for a Leading Gem Manufacturer with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Our experts crafted a comprehensive marketing operations flow, leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud's robust capabilities. By integrating customer data analytics, we segmented their diverse clientele into precise categories, enabling hyper-targeted campaigns for new, existing, and recurring customers. While our strategic implementation of dynamic product recommendations, driven by customer behavior analysis, boosted engagement and sales, delivering tangible business growth for our client.

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