Delivering World-Class Software Development and Managed Application Services

World-class Software Development and Managed Services with 20 years of Custom Software, Next-Generation Application Maintenance, and Support Services. ETG is the ideal Partner for new Product Development, Migration-to-Cloud services, Custom Integrations, Data Science & Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Product Maintenance & support, and more. We bring our impressive portfolio of skills in multiple platforms and industries to every project, providing best-in-class solutions that solve your challenges and fit within your budget. Rely on us for all your Apps, Custom Software, Software Migration, and ongoing Software Support services.

The Benefits of Having ETG as your Managed Services Provider

  • Current Technology. The ETG Managed Services team implements new technology that provides features to enhance your technical base.
  • Expertise. We staff our Managed Services team with people who are experts in the technologies they support. Our team is experienced in many industries, has YEARS of experience, and continually trains to improve our skillsets.
  • Efficiency. With ETG as a Partner, you gain the resources to address all the technology and service issues your business needs to address.
  • Increased Security. ETG’s Managed Services team is up-to-date on the latest compliance standards and cybersecurity protocols. We work with your organization to ensure that all of our services and products meet or exceed your security and encryption requirements.
  • Confidence. ETG provides 24-hour support service with customized holiday overflow options to augment your busy seasons. Whatever your needs, ETG’s Managed Services team has a solution.
  • Proactive Support. We partner with you to align our support services with your business needs. Our Managed Services teams focus on resolving problems before they impact your business. We use software automation to ensure routine operations run smoothly.
  • Focus. You can pay attention to running your business, not the technology
  • Cost Savings. The ETG Managed Services team reduces your operational expenses. You’ll save on wages and training because you don’t need as many employees.

What We Offer

We take ownership of the projects you give us. Rather than providing stopgap solutions and temporary fixes, ETG takes a strategic approach and implements tools and processes that ensure your IT is streamlined and effective. Our focus is on more than the core requirements; we pay attention to your workflows, and we optimize the end product for maximum efficiency from the users’ perspective.

Software Development

Fast and Professional ETG Application Development services is your answer for defining, designing, and building software tailored to meet your business requirements. Mobile-first, secure, and stable from idea to deployment.

Application Maintainance

Rely on ETG for application maintenance and support services for custom software applications, platform-based solutions, and legacy. Depending on your needs, our services range from break-fix to full migrations to the latest technologies.

Application Migration

ETG is a leader in migrating legacy applications to the cloud. We assess your software, then outline the shortest, most viable path to a future-ready, mobile-first solution. We’ve helped many companies successfully migrate legacy systems.


ETG provides the entire DevOps service flow. We’ll professionally manage your every stage of your project, finish on-time, and test them well before production. (see our DIGITAL QUALITY ASSURANCE & TESTING section for more on that!)

For every software project, ETG includes all your stakeholders to define the project scope. This collaborative approach sets the stage for a trouble-free project and a great final product. Each solution provides long-term benefits, ensuring efficiency, and substantial reductions in operational costs. Our goal is your referral; that’s how we grow our company. From legacy applications to mobile-first Cloud applications, to innovative AI technologies, ETG has the expertise to handle all your development needs. Our managed services team also provides maintenance and support of your legacy products, leaving your in-house team free to work on new development.


Software & Systems

Integrating your software systems is one of the best ways to improve your business. ETG excels at connecting systems, and our ability to write custom interfaces means we can provide practical solutions you won’t find elsewhere.

Business Intelligence, Data Science, Analytics

ETG can help you delve into your data, analyze it, then use that information to create actionable Business Intelligence. Put simply; we use Data Science to help our customers maximize revenue.

Rely on ETG for all your Managed Services Needs

New Application Development | Application-to-Cloud/Mobile Migration & Conversion | Migration of Legacy apps to Cloud / Mobile | Application & Software Integration | R&D Skunkworks Assistance | Salesforce Development | Data Science, BI, & Analytics | AI and Machine Learning | Natural Language Processing | Image Processing | Application Maintenance & Support