ETG helps Modernize Legacy Systems to Enhance Flexibility, Improve Usability & be Future Ready

ETG specializes in migrating and re-platforming legacy products. Cloud, Mobile, or both; whatever your needs, ETG will plan and implement a migration strategy that meets your needs. For Cloud migrations, we typically upgrade from your existing platform to cloud AWS or Azure. ETG is certified and very experienced in both. The key is that ETG can transform your Legacy Application into a Scalable Solution. We work with you to define the specifications, preserving the existing functionality, and expanding features as you deem appropriate.

Our experience in Mobile-first and mobile-optimized products allows us to provide you a path to hybrid solutions that work both as SaaS applications running on a browser AND as Mobile solutions that run on phones and tablets.

ETG Migration Methodology

All migration projects start with Discovery tasks. We consult with you and review the existing state of your systems and all dependencies. The ETG Migration team defines the features, data, and functionality for your Cloud application, and then we comb through your servers, listing and auditing every component for migration.

Once the ETG Migration team completes this Discovery process, we build a structured, quick, and cost-effective migration plan. Once in the Cloud, your enterprise applications benefit from improved cost structures, are now “Mobile-First” with responsive scalability, and are much easier to update to your ever-changing business needs.

Assessment Services: We help you decide to stay, port, build or buy.

Consulting Services: We help you chose the target environment and plan your migration.

Implementation & Migration Services: Migrating legacy application or building a new application.

ETG Migration Info

ETG, has vast pool of experienced resources who have transformed from traditional Scripting solutions to Pattern based current frameworks including Analysing requirements, designing, building, migrating and deploying applications. This ensures that our resources are well acquainted with outdated technologies and have expertise of migrating them to latest technology platforms. ETG works closely with every client, in understanding their specific needs and pain areas and advise them with a right migration approach that not only ensure cost effectiveness but also is quick to market.


  • Maintenance problems, complex architecture, deployment issues
  • Obsolete technology, Non-availability of resources for old technology etc.
  • Scalability Issues
  • Integration Issues with other systems
  • Difficulty with Upgrade of system with new user requirements
  • Need for Advanced Security
  • Need for Performance
  • Need for Rich Internet Application


  • Richness & Robustness of the latest Technology Frameworks
  • Distributed Architecture Support
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Ease and Efficient Deployment
  • Integrated Development Environment support for total phase made easy
  • Web Services and Remote options
  • In-Built Upgradeability and Scalability
  • Advanced Security

We can help you with the Right Plan and Solution to Migrate.