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We’re a global technology provider focused on designing, developing, and delivering enterprise technology solutions.

ETG have a detailed process that guides our product lifecycle from the conception through delivery and maintenance. Meaning that ETG adheres to the best practices for our product and services development.

ETG Serves an International Audience in a Vast Array of Industries requiring an Incredible Range of Skills. An exciting reason to Partner with ETG is our expansive range of experience in a vast array of industries.

As an international software development company, with projects that range from mission-critical, high-demand Mobile Apps to Salesforce projects to enterprise eCommerce, AI projects, Augmented Reality, and more, our development professionals use the newest software tools and keep current with the latest programming paradigms.

AWS | MuleSoft | .Net | Python | Heroku | Java | AI / ML | AR / VR | and more

Program Coding Concepts

It’s a simple business factor for us. To compete with other international development companies, ETG must keep up with the latest cutting-edge technologies, development methodologies, QA Testing procedures, programming products, and standards. ETG is Laser-Focused on Product Reliability & Quality Because Your Referral Means Everything. With every project, ETG carefully describes what we deliver to you. We take great care to ensure that the software we design and develop is properly defined BEFORE we begin.

ETG Software Coding

The foundation of ETG’s business model is great referrals. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, plus your glowing referral to other businesses.

It’s this philosophy that has helps us grow, and it’s the very essence of our success. For you, it guarantees that your software is designed, developed, tested, and delivered on time and according to your requirements. We do our best to exceed every expectation.

One important element of our Software Development success is our QA Testing process. To ensure the vitally important level of objectivity, our QA department is a separate division and is NOT involved with product development- QA Testing is Core to ETG’s Custom Development Service.

  • Creation and documentation of a cogent business strategy and vision
  • Creation of a technology roadmap that includes prioritized strategic projects
  • Business Process Analysis & Modelling
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Object-oriented Modelling
  • Enterprise Integration Architecture
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Systems Development
  • Web enabling and mobile computing
  • Application Architecture: Designing, Modelling & Planning
  • System & Application development and support
  • DevOps as a Service- Learn More
  • Development of Specific Enterprise Applications Including: ERP, CRM, SCM, Portal, B2B, etc.

Because ETG has both an in-house QA Testing department, and an advanced Software Development team, our baseline for software best-practices is higher than most. We increased our effectiveness by implementing multiple standards to improve our core software architecture. Regardless of the platform, we know to address specific reliability, platform, security, and speed issues before releasing each product to the QA Testing process. Saving ourselves time and effort, and our clients, money.