"The Next Generation Commerce Cloud Accelerator"

Usher your eCommerce Brand in the right way

ETG Digital’s Providio SFRA Accelerator helps you scale up your business quickly, all while still being customer centric and having all the integrations required to make a niche for your brand.

Providio is a state-of-the-art headless eCommerce accelerator built on the SFRA framework. ETG Digital makes sure that the ever-evolving needs of B2C environment are met through the agile features of our Providio Accelerator.

With our Providio B2C accelerator, handling of critical integrations right from Payment Processors, Customer Reviews, Video Content, Returns and Order Management, to providing cutting edge user experience is made easy. The result… a fully functional Salesforce Commerce Cloud powered store on your terms!

Experience a fully functional, highly customized Salesforce Commerce Cloud-powered store with comprehensive integrations, ready to launch in just a few weeks. Achieve all this at a fraction of the cost with ETG Digital.

Why choose our Providio Accelerator?

Apart from having the advantage of being built on SFRA framework, ETG Digital’s Providio Accelerator boasts of the following advantages:

Quick Go-To Market​

With Providio you can get a fully functional eCommerce store up and running within a span of 4 to 6 weeks.

Integrate With Things That Matter

Providio gives you the choice to integrate with Payment gateways, Review aggregators and even Order Management Systems of your choice.

Enhanced User Experience

Providio gives access to highly customized Home Page, Product Design and Landing Pages which can be developed as per the business and brand requirements. Taking care of user experience as per the branding requirements is made easy.

Complete Control On Business

With the pre-built Display, Landing and Home pages, coupled with workflows to take care of payment processing and ways to utilize even UGC, Providio accelerator gives your business complete control over your business processes.

Increased Team Collaboration

Providio accelerator allows your business teams, especially the customer service, warehouse, and logistic teams to work in tandem, preventing data from being in silos. Resulting to increased collaboration and quick ticket turnaround time.

Easy Campaign Management

Integration with widely used campaign management tools like Listrak and Salesforce Marketing Cloud is what makes our Providio Accelerator stand out from the rest. This helps businesses deliver personalized content and campaigns to their customers based on their interest, making product engagement easier.

With our Headless eCommerce Accelerator building a brand with the right integrations and workflows is made easy, and all this, while being powered by the best eCommerce platform, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Download our Providio B2C Commerce Cloud Accelerator brochure to know more.

Clients who are on Providio

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