Digital Software Quality Assurance Testing

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Dragons Be Gone! ETG’s Digital Quality Assurance Testing Services improve software quality, omnichannel compatibility, and ensure your successful product launch. We’re entirely objective, and our sole goal is to help you develop a stable, fast, and customer-friendly final product. ETG’s consultative approach presents hybrid solutions and a multi-framework approach for optimal testing automation. We use a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) framework with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in our QA process; this allows multiple tools to be integrated into a scripted Bot automation testing process.

ETG is Objective and Effective: QA needs to remain impartial and unbiased to be valid. Since ETG is a separate entity, we provide that essential service. We’re entirely objective, and our sole goal is to help you develop a stable, fast, and customer-friendly final product. A common problem with in-house QA Testing is that the same developers who write the code also perform the testing. This methodology can result lead to an unintentional bias accidentally overlooking flaws that an outside team, with its’ fresh perspective, would be more likely to catch.

ETG is Time-Efficient: Another problem with in-house software development teams handling their own QA Testing is this adds more things to their to-do list. When they’re not rewriting code or tweaking the software, they’re performing quality assurance. Their skills and time should focus on adding features and functionality. Working with ETG provides the needed respite and allows your developers the time and freedom to enhance your products with new features, leading to better software, released quicker! We have the tools, technology, and experienced staff ready to go with little or no, delay. Our talented specialists ensure product stability, flexibility, and scalability at a lower TCO.

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ETG is Cost-Effective:  Outsourcing with ETG is cost-effective. Our services are contractual. You use us only when you need us. Instead of the commitment of hiring employees, buying dedicated testing hardware and software, desks, offices, etc. ETG saves you the hassles of all these things.

ETG Digital Software Assurance Testing Solutions:

Functional Testing | Test Automation | Mobile App Testing | Web services/API Testing | Performance Testing | Security Testing | Blockchain Testing | Salesforce Testing | eCommerce Testing | Testing Center of Excellence | Digital Transformation Assurance

Automation-First Processes

Performance Engineering

Mobile First Approach

As pioneers in developing test automation accelerators, our approach throughout the software programming lifecycle accelerates DevOps, provides rapid product maturity, ensures risk containment, and optimizes cycle time, achieving economies and speed far better than traditional QA models. Our performance engineering practice runs in-depth code-level root-cause analysis testing. We analyze your application response time, using the latest technologies.

Omni Channel Retail Customer Experience

Omnichannel Usability: Your customers expect the same User-experience across all devices. ETG’s omnichannel Usability testing and consulting services make this possible:

  • ETG removesthe operational friction points that cause customer drop-off and brand abandonment
  • ETG ensures that every touchpoint in your customers journey is working as expected
  • ETG gathers ALL the information you need to plan improvements, track bugs, manage feedback, etc.
  • ETG can assist with managing customer feedback
  • With ETG, you’ll never be on your own. We help you at every stage!

Security Testing: The latest research on software quality identifies “Security” and “Corporate Image” as the top concerns for the digital enterprise. ETG not only provides Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services, but we also assist with HIPAA and PCI/DSS security. ETG continually updates our testing protocols and services to address the latest hacks and security patches. EVERY day your applications are then re-tested for security gaps to exploit.

We are interested in knowing your current performance/usability issues and see how we can help!