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Security is of paramount significance throughout organizations as the steep complexity of digital attacks has augmented in the recent times. Any security breach can have wide-spread and far-reaching impacts including loss of customer trust and legal repercussions. By digitalization summing to IT threats, the challenge to security has grown several folds. Nonetheless, any action taken after the attack will not be able to reverse the damage already imposed on the business. To avoid such situations, we strongly advocate security testing services for your application.

ETG’s Security Testing Service offers holistic security assurance, facilitating businesses to function in a secure fashion. ETG , with its team of Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), can ensure that applications are secure from any form of vulnerabilities, and meets the security compliances like confidentiality, authentication, availability & integrity.

We follow the OWASP (Open Web Security Project) guidelines in our security testing practices along with PCI-DSS, WAHH, OSSTM, WASC Standards as per the application specific requirements.

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ETG security testing

Key Differentiators:

  • Pool of skilled CEHs (Certified Ethical Hackers)
  • Proactive assessment in detection of vulnerabilities to reduce the overall security exposure of applications
  • Conformance with international standards including OWASP, OSSTMM, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, WAHH, etc.
  • Deep expertise of key security technologies
  • Ensuring Zero False positives with relevant reports
  • Vulnerability Free Application with iterative strategy for further release
  • Detailed reports classifying each vulnerability in appropriate categories along with mitigation plans