ETG Testing Center of Excellence in an Industrialized and Cost-Efficient Way

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As focus on quality rises, so does the need to perform testing in an industrialized and cost-efficient way. IT organizations trying to improve their testing practices often adapt to centralized some of test-related activities. A Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a centralized unit comprising testing processes, people, tools that operate as shared services in order to run testing services with best benefits across the test organization.

Organizations today are facing challenges in application/product quality maintenance, under performing testing functions, suboptimal utilization of people, tools, infrastructure, and inconsistent test processes across locations.

Setting up a TCoE creates a centralized testing function, helps achieve improved efficiency, optimizes people/tool utilization, and reduces testing costs. Implementing the recommendations by our expert enables enterprise to build an efficient, dynamic testing function.

Our TCoE lets you to manage all your resources more efficiently to ensure quality across applications and build a working culture that better focuses on quality and collaboration.

TCoE offers many benefits to an organization in terms of improved quality, lesser time to market and lower cost of ownership.

ETG Testing Center of Excellence


  • TCoE Services have consistently met and exceeded the needs of enterprises, ISVs across the verticals.
  • Increased agility: Respond to new business challenges better and allocate your quality team’s time by priority
  • Faster time-to-market: Test times reduce by 30-50% and test automation levels of 60-80%
  • Co-located Testing Professionals (Career Testers) & Access to specialist software testing pool
  • Improved Test Planning, management, governance, and reporting
  • Reduction in total cost of software testing up to 50%
  • Lowering the need for expensive testing infrastructure (hardware and tools)
  • Optimized use of existing resources: QA budgets, tools, environments and people
  • Optimized application quality and performance
  • Align quality effort more tightly with business needs by defining and measuring KPIs
  • Pre-designed TCoE framework with a focus on building test assets for processes, templates, in-house accelerators, domain and technology knowledge, IP etc.