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B2B and B2C Marketing Automation Solutions from ETG– ETG upgrades your B2B and B2C Marketing by optimizing Marketing Cloud and Pardot implementations to elevate your goals for connecting with your target customers. By now, all Marketing Automations systems provide basic personalization. ETG unifies all your business systems, integrating them with Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) rapidly, creating a unified 360-degree view of your consumers. By integrating these data systems, ETG increases the effectiveness of Salesforce’s built-in Einstein AI to discover new segments, gain new insights, identify the likeliest consumers to engage, and predictive power recommendations — all automatically.

With ETG as your Partner, you’ll Market Smarter, and be More Effective.

ETG Optimizes your use of the Salesforce Journey Builder: Create 1-to-1 consumer journeys across all channels and departments.

ETG helps you focus on your clients; building consumer-centric marketing campaigns: Build a single, comprehensive view of each consumer to power 1-to-1 journeys.

ETG shows you how to connect every interaction: Integrate every touchpoint and experience with your brand across advertising, marketing, commerce, sales, service, and apps.

ETG helps you make the most of Google Analytics 360: Get the most from your marketing insights while driving smarter engagement.

Marketing Cloud ETG

Question: Why does Salesforce have two Marketing products?

Answer: The marketing strategy for B2C differs greatly from B2B. Marketing Cloud is best for B2C marketing, and the design of Pardot is optimal for B2B marketing.

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Purchasing your marketing software is just one step towards successful marketing automation. Expert assistance throughout the process, from selecting the correct product to Strategy, Planning, Implementation, and Ongoing Support, all play key parts in your success.

ETG has 20 years of experience with flawless implementations of Enterprise software projects.

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