From giving personalized product recommendations to offering exclusive discounts, be everything your customer wants you to be with our Commerce Cloud solutions

Is your business facing any of these challenges?

  1. Stuck with an obsolete e-commerce platform?  
  2. Difficulty in managing a large number of products & setting up pricing rules? 
  3. Inconsistent customer experience across channels? 
  4. Lack of visibility into customer behavior? 
  5. Lack of personalized content, recommendations, & promotions for customers? 
  6. Difficulty in managing multiple sites? 
  7. Issues with brand consistency? 
  8. Difficulty expanding to new markets & geographies? 
  9. Lack of innovation & scalability?  
  10. Limited integration options with third-party applications & services?
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ETG Digital’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Capabilities

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Services

Our team of 500+ certified Salesforce experts provides top-notch consulting services for Commerce Cloud implementationthat is tailored to meet your business requirements and goals.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation

ETG specializes in providing efficient Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation services which is customized for all businesses, irrespective of size and industry.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Customization

We help you deliver a seamless and secure online shopping experience for your customers, with our fully customizable and adaptable Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions, tailored to fit your business.

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Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Leverage our Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud services to increase your online revenue, improve engagement with untapped customer bases, meet industry needs, and improve your conversion rates with an easy purchasing process.

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Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Let our Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud services enhance your online store’s efficiency. Engage with customers at every touch point with our additional features, like Commerce Cloud Order Management, Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle and more.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Migration

We have 20+ years of experience with Commerce Cloud. Our Commerce Cloud experts make the process of transferring from legacy systems to new ones a breeze. Leave it to them to execute the process with complete accuracy and transparency.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

Our team of Commerce Cloud specialists can help your business expand its reach by integrating with critical third-party systems like Payment Gateways, Marketing Automation Platforms, Legacy systems, Shipping & Logistic providers, Social media networks and Customer Service software’s.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Performance Analysis

We can help you improve your online e-commerce store and customize your Salesforce Commerce Cloud offerings via smart insights and business intelligence.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Managed Services

Our comprehensive managed services cover a wide range of services, such as defect fixing, Salesforce patching, deployment support, UI changes, code review, analysis of HTTP/Application Server logs, Plugin logs and traces, feature packs, applying application/web server fix packs, and more.

Why Hire us for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud requirements?

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Steamlining Excellence with
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services

Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Services ensured that this fashion brand's
website could not only handle the surge in customers, but also efficiently deal with cart
abandonment, along with offering competitive payment methods like BOPIS & more.

What Can Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services Unlock For You?

Innovate & Be Change-Ready

We create innovative business models based on your unique business needs to meet your customers’ specific requirements and prepare your business to adjust to the ever-changing market.

Innovate & Be Change-Ready
Boost Revenue

Boost Revenue

Take advantage of our Commerce Cloud services to capture untapped markets and provide your sales team with the accurate insights to boost revenue.

Acquire Customers

Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud services are centered around improving the effectiveness of customer acquisition by assisting you in converting prospects into loyal customers who are passionate about your brand.

Acquire Customers
Engage Your Customers

Engage Your Customers

Our services ensure the features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are utilized to the hilt. From creating personalized marketing campaigns, to integrating your store with social media and third-party review aggregators, we make sure your customer engagement never takes a dip.

Improve Productivity With AI

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you also improve the productivity of your business with AI. For instance, the AI-generated keywords enable you to personalize the shopping experience for your customers, by providing type-ahead suggestions and minimizing unnecessary searches.

Improve Productivity With AI
Outstanding Mobile Experience

Outstanding Mobile Experience

We help you stay ahead of the competition by providing the most mobile-friendly e-commerce store possible. Our mobile-friendly approach has aided businesses in delighting their clients with the finest mobile buying experience.

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