Ready to take your Sales, Finance and Customer Service operations to the next level? Our Salesforce Revenue Cloud Experts got you covered.

Looking for a way to improve your revenue generation and customer satisfaction?

Our Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation and consulting services can help. We’ll work with you to understand your business needs and configure Salesforce Revenue Cloud to meet them. As a result, you’ll benefit from improved revenue forecasting, better customer insights, and freed-up time for sales teams to focus on generating custom quotes for prospective clients.

What to expect from our Revenue Cloud Services?

Streamlined Revenue Management

Simplify and centralize your revenue management processes for streamlined operations and improved efficiency.

Enhanced Accuracy In Channel Wise Revenue Forecasting

Leverage accurate insights into revenue projections to make informed decisions and optimize resources.

Accelerated Sales Cycles

Automate sales processes with customized guided selling and get real-time visibility into revenue data, for faster sales cycles and quicker revenue generation.

Improved Revenue Recognition

Ensure compliance with revenue recognition standards, reducing the risk of errors and improving financial reporting accuracy.

Optimized Pricing & Packaging

Optimize pricing strategies and create flexible packaging options and product bundling, which help your business maximize revenue potential by catering to your customer demands.

Simplified Contract Management & Legal Compliance

Expect easier management and modification of contracts to make the process of your sales, finance and legal team easier with our services.

Easy Integration With Platforms That Matter The Most

Make your Revenue Cloud the single point of truth by integrating it with critical third-party platforms like ERPs, PIM and even contract management tools of your choice.

What our clients saw with our Revenue Cloud Services


Increase in Sales due to Customized Guided Selling


Improvement in Handling of contracts and legal compliances


Increase in Subscriptions and Retention of recurring customers

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Steamlining Excellence with
Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation

Our Salesforce experts ensured that the B2B contract management and sales revenue generation were streamlined and on track for our client- a leading manufacturer of HEPA compliant air purifiers. All this was made possible with our Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Services, want to know more?

Still thinking if Salesforce Revenue Cloud is the right fit

Still thinking if Salesforce Revenue Cloud is the right fit for your business?

You as a business may be contemplating to Implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud or even improve the existing instance to better suit your operations. No matter what stage you are in, ETG Digital makes sure that you get the cloud implemented, integrated and working just the way you want it to be.

Our Revenue Cloud Services ensure that all your revenue channels are combined, and contract management, sales, finance and legal team processes are streamlined.

Get the right solution built for Modern Businesses

Revolutionize your business with cutting-edge CPQ

Automate manual tasks, save time, and create customized quotes in minutes for exceptional customer experiences.

Ready to elevate customer satisfaction?

Billing System

Boost your cash flow with our optimized billing system

Streamline billing, improve accuracy, and offer flexible payment options for faster revenue collection.

Ready to simplify and speed up payments?

Turbocharge your time-to-value with our Revenue Cloud Accelerator

Launch swiftly, deliver seamless B2B customer experiences, and access diverse payment options, pricing models, and billing cycles in just 8 weeks!

Ready to supercharge your subscriptions?

Revenue Cloud Accelerator

Give your Sales Team the Power to Drive Revenue

Give your Sales team the power to generate tailored quotes and deliver right product bundles as per their customer requirements.

Ready to supercharge your subscriptions?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Services

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