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PayPal is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud technology partner. The PayPal cartridge brings top-class features to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, to help increase sales, while reducing operating costs. The integration of Salesforce Commerce Cloud with PayPal, allows online transactions to be automatically recorded on the cloud platform. It also lets you construct fresh opportunities directly from PayPal sales and sync them with your Salesforce contacts. 

Here are more benefits listed below.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud PayPal Integration Benefits

1. Manage Payments Seamlessly

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud PayPal integration let’s you make online payments easily, quickly, and efficiently with amazing functionalities. Instant Payment Notification, InContext Checkout, PayPal One Touch, PayPal Credit, Easy Payments with PayPal Credit, PayPal Express Checkout from Cart, PayPal Express Checkout from Payment Page, and more help businesses manage payments in a straightforward, hassle-free and savvy manner.

2. Receive Quicker Payments

Managing e-commerce business payments dealing with a large number of customers, would have been hectic and time-consuming, if not for the integration. The integration helps ease the process by acting as a funnel directing payments from across sources into one centralized platform. While, all necessary details get stored in the Salesforce database automatically, so your sales reps can get a detailed analysis of each and every transaction in the dashboard conveniently. In contrast to independent gateways, this integration helps you match receipts with customers immediately, facilitating quick fund transfers and efficient record maintenance.

3. Accept Payments Globally

Cater to your foreign customers at equal ease, with a trusted third-party gateway that let’s you accept payments from anywhere in the world. The Salesforce PayPal integration lets you accept payments from across the globe, courtesy its availability in over 200 global markets and acceptance of 100 plus currencies.

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4. Get Rid Of Payment Duplicity With Automation

Most businesses face the issue of duplicity in payments which leads to confusion, eventually making the business suffer monetarily. But, the integration not only saves you from duplicate payments, but also gives you the advantage of fetching every new payment detail automatically (hence accurately) into the database.

5. Get Deep Customer Insights

The integration provides you with an opportunity to get a 360° view of your customers. Information like purchase records, payment history, failed payments, refunds, and other details are displayed at your convenience. You can leverage them for your business as well as your customers,  by knowing what’s on their mind and presenting great offers as per their interests. This information will also help you ascertain a customer’s loyalty, so you can go on to reward them with exclusive deals and discounts.

6. Gain Better Control On Payments

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud PayPal integration allows you to configure or modify your payment options according to your customers’ needs or changing preferences. For instance, if you offer services on a subscription payable on a periodic basis, your can proactively give your customers the option to opt for a recurring payment model.

7. Leverage Real-Time Reports

The integration brings PayPal information into Salesforce, which helps you leverage intuitive and responsive dashboards and user-friendly reports, pulled and synced from your live PayPal analytics into Salesforce in real time. This information is critical for evaluating your business processes and making smarter decisions.

8. Secure Risk-Free Payments

PayPal payment methods are PCI compliant, so you can trust that your data is 100%secure. It eliminates unnecessary intermediaries between you and your customers to considerably reduce the risk of exposure of your customers’ sensitive information. Adding to the security of Salesforce, PayPal also undertakes tokenization of your customer information, which means replacing critical information like credit card details with tokens, to prevent unauthorized access to information, since it solely resides with the processor. So your customers can rest assured, knowing that their credentials are fully protected and guarded against malware or cyberattacks.

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