Optimize Revenue Generation Through Customer Engagement

Maximize the potential of your revenue cycle to enhance efficiency and fuel robust growth. Establish an interconnected ecosystem by seamlessly integrating Revenue Cloud (CPQ), Billing, Subscription Management, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and B2B Commerce. Unify these essential components into a single, authoritative source of truth, leveraging the formidable capabilities of Salesforce. This integration will be expertly implemented and facilitated by our trusted experts, ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience.

Optimize Revenue Generation Through Customer Engagement

ETG’s Revenue Cloud Implementations

Ignite unparalleled efficiencies and optimization in the management of your revenue streams with ETG. Experience accelerated growth and enhanced forecasting capabilities across all sales channels. As esteemed Salesforce implementers, we possess the expertise to seamlessly automate and integrate revenue journeys of varying complexities. Trust in our proven track record to propel your revenue management to new heights!

Streamline Revenue Management

Streamline Revenue Management

Simplify and centralize your revenue management processes for streamlined operations and improved efficiency.

Enhance Forecasting Accuracy

Enhance Forecasting Accuracy

Leverage accurate insights into revenue projections to make informed decisions and optimize resources.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Automate sales processes and get real-time visibility into revenue data, for faster sales cycles and quicker revenue generation.

Improve Revenue Recognition

Improve Revenue Recognition

Ensure compliance with revenue recognition standards, reducing the risk of errors and improving financial reporting accuracy.

Optimize Pricing and Packaging

Optimize Pricing and Packaging

Optimize pricing strategies and create flexible packaging options, maximizing revenue potential and meeting customer demands.

Build Revenue Cloud to empower your business with unparalleled capabilities

Implement the cutting-edge Revenue Cloud functionality to revolutionize your operations.

By eliminating manual processes, optimizing face-to-face selling time, and effortlessly generating customized quotes within minutes, you can enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Ready to automate your manual processes and embark on a journey towards heightened customer satisfaction?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Accelerate payment collection with the implementation of an optimized billing system.

Simplify Your Billing Procedure 4
Simplify Your Billing Procedure 2
Simplify Your Billing Procedure 3

Streamline your billing operations, enhance accuracy, and introduce flexibility in payment terms and options to expedite revenue collection.

Ready to simplify your billing procedures and achieve faster payment processing?

B2B Subscription Storefront Accelerator

Supercharge your time-to-value with ETG’s B2B Commerce Subscription Storefront accelerator for Revenue Cloud (CPQ).

Experience an expedited launch process that allows you to swiftly provide effortless and streamlined customer experiences, tailored specifically to the B2B realm. Benefit from a wide array of B2B payment methods, pricing models, and billing cycles, all within a remarkable timeframe of just 8 weeks!

Ready to roll faster with Subscription Storefront?

B2B Commerce Subscription Storefront accelerator for Revenue Cloud

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