etg Provides End to End Salesforce Testing Services

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Organizations all over the world are moving to Salesforce platform to cut down costs and attain scalability of operations. Ensuring cloud settings for the applications needs to put emphasis on few crucial facets, like tackling security, accessibility concerns by performing access control and multi-privileges test with different users on a cloud-based infrastructure and, then dealing with integrating Salesforce application with the Enterprise applications.

etg provides end to end salesforce testing services that are focused across implementation, migration, testing, deployment, acceptance and managed services covering all facets of the testing and delivering salesforce centric quality assurance services. We offer on-demand dedicated resources for testing Services of & Apps where majority of our testing professionals are typically either Certified developers or administrators. Our testing project assignments follow agile as well as traditional software lifecycles to deliver cost effective, on-demand applications and testing services. Salesforce Services have consistently met and exceeded the needs of enterprises across the verticals.

Our Salesforce Testing Services Comprises:

Functional Testing | Compatibility Testing | Workflow Testing | Configuration Testing | Cloud-Readiness Testing | Load & Performance Testing | Security Testing | Automated Regression Testing | Deployment Testing | Sandbox Testing & Production Testing | UAT Support (Alpha and Beta).

ETG Salesforce Testing Way


  • Increased agility: Respond to new business challenges better and allocate your quality team’s time by priority
  • Owering the need for expensive testing infrastructure (hardware and tools)
  • We possess rich technology knowledge, test assets for processes, templates, in-house accelerators.
  • Instant analytics and actionable results
  • Co-located Testing Professionals (Career Testers) & Access to specialist software testing pool
  • Improved test planning, management, governance, and reporting
  • Our testing team also consists of salesforce certified experts with over 10+ years who are committed to improving user experience through industry best practices throughout the application lifecycle.
  • We provide end-to-end vendor-agnostic salesforce consulting and testing services that covers complete cloud transformation journey.
  • Faster time-to-market between 30%-40% and reduction in total cost of software testing by up to 50%
  • We ensure complete transparency of testing process through time tested Project management tools (such as Jira) and agile approaches which deals with constant reviews and approvals.