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Take Advantage of our Salesforce Testing Services to Achieve the following Benefits for your Business​

30% Increase In Test Coverage 

40% Faster Time-To-Market 

50% Decrease In Overall Efforts 

Cut Costs With 90% Automation Coverage

Respond Faster & Gain 35% Performance Improvement 

Accelerate Release Cycles with 10X Faster Testing 

Up To 40% Improvement In Test Automation Productivity 

45% Improvement In Response Times Using Performance & Salesforce Cloud Testing 

Up To 50% Reduction In The Total Software Testing Cost 

Improve Software Quality With 85% Risk Reduction 

The Salesforce Performance Testing Services We Offer:

  • Functional Testing 
  • Compatibility Testing 
  • Workflow Testing 
  • Cloud-Readiness Testing 
  • Load Testing 
  • Stress Testing 
  • Spike Testing 
  • Endurance Testing 
  • Capacity Testing 
  • Scalability Testing 
  • Configuration Testing 
  • Automated Regression Testing  
  • Visual Testing 
  • Integration/API Testing 
  • Deployment Testing 
  • Sandbox Testing & Production Testing 
  • Security Testing 
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Support (Alpha & Beta) 

ETG Digital’s Salesforce Testing team comprises of subject matter experts (SMEs) who specialize in testing Salesforce and applications. With robust functional, domain, and technical knowledge, we have been offering dependable competencies to cover all facets vital to testing Salesforce, since more than the past two decades now.  

As part of our efforts in designing the best automated functional testing solution for Salesforce, we; 

  • Aim to design the best automated functional testing solution for Salesforce by conducting a cloud-readiness assessment and tool evaluation to support the enterprise portfolio before implementing Salesforce. 
  • Create an automated suite of regression tests to ensure applications are developed rapidly and with high quality. 
  • Guarantee data consistency, map integration sources, and identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks as part of integration testing. 
  • Conduct role-based testing to ensure compatibility with organizational profile policies. 
  • Perform cross-browser compatibility and API testing for integrated third-party applications and Intranet web applications. 
  • Validate regulatory compliance as part of their solution. 
  • Have expertise in professional integration experiences on the Salesforce cloud platform, middleware plugins, and APIs. 
  • Specialize in all forms of enterprise integrations, including HTTP-based REST APIs and SOAP connectivity. 
  • Are experienced with developing custom API connectors that deliver automation accuracy and continuous enhancements to derive comprehensive data visibility and ease of access. 
Salesforce Performance Testing Process

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You too can rely on our Salesforce testing experts to assist you in developing and maintaining a proven test strategy to ensure the ongoing success of your Salesforce implementation. 

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