ETG Contact-to-Lead converts selected Contacts back into Leads

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It’s a remarkably simple tool that provides a solution for purging Contact records that are better suited to be Leads.  Just run any report or filter you want to define the Contacts you want to convert into Leads, then with 1-Click, ETG Contact-to-Lead converts your selected Contacts to Leads.

With ETG Contact-to-Lead, you do not need to “bulk delete” your Contacts or to assign some unique status to them.  Just select the Contacts, and with 1-Click, convert them to Leads! You can continue marketing to them as Leads until it’s officially (by YOUR definition) time to promote them to validated Contacts or remove them from your system.

ETG Contact-to-lead Features

  • Simple Solution: For Converting Contacts to Leads
  • Adds value: To all Sales Cloud implementations
Salesforce Contact To Lead


  • Salesforce Products:
    • Sales Cloud: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance
    • Professional Edition: ONLY works if your company has purchased the optional (a product you buy from Salesforce) API access license.  The API Access License is an additional pay-for product ONLY available through your Salesforce Account Executive.
    • Essentials Edition: This product is NOT compatible with the Essentials Edition of Salesforce
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