ETG UnSubscribe adds automated eMail Opt-out to Sales Cloud

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Sales Cloud and Service Cloud send emails to prospects and clients, but the main challenge to its usefulness is there is no way to manage the unsubscribe/email Opt-out process. Users must review the email responses manually, then look up records one-by-one, and update each by hand. The whole process demands far too much time and effort.

ETG UnSubscribe automates a recipient’s unsubscribe requests, adding Opt-out functionality to Salesforce.  With 1-click, ETG UnSubscribe allows your email recipients to Opt-out from emails and Campaigns.
Never again will you manually open records and edit the Details to set the Email Opt-out property.

You can also use ETG UnSubscribe with third-party email broadcast and Marketing Automation systems.  Simply replace their Unsubscribe link with the ETG UnSubscribe link.

ETG UnSubscribe also helps you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, and GDPR General Data Protection Regulations.

ETG Unscubcribe Features

  • Automates your email Unsubscribe / Opt-Out processes
  • Salesforce becomes your Master of Record
  • Unsubscribe info is no longer ONLY available within Third-Party email products
  • Compatible with ALL third-Party email and email automation marketing products
  • Simplifies CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliance
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  • Salesforce Products:
    • Sales Cloud: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance
    • Professional Edition: ONLY works if your company has purchased the optional (a product you buy from Salesforce) API access license.  The API Access License is an additional pay-for product ONLY available through your Salesforce Account Executive.
    • Essentials Edition: This product is NOT compatible with the Essentials Edition of Salesforce
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