Revolutionize eCommerce Trends – Opt for 3D image & AR with Salesforce eCommerce Integration

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In today’s commerce environment, to support the influx of ecommerce buyers and achieve success, retailers have to focus more on building a digital infrastructure. In a post-pandemic economy, businesses need to find innovative ways to engage customers in physical, digital, and hybrid spaces.

In a physical retail store, a customer holds a product – try them, observe them from a different angle, but online they have to rely on 2D product images, and retailers are gradually understanding that only 2D images are not serving the customer’s expectations entirely.

Nothing to worry about!

"Salesforce research shows that 88% of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives. More so, 69% want businesses to offer new ways to get existing products/services, and 54% want expanded customer engagement methods."

Salesforce brings good news for the retailers. You have the option of 3D image and Augmented Reality with Salesforce eCommerce Integrations. As visual content has become essential to intelligent marketing strategies, 3D product configurators have started to gain traction – this type of technology is proven to lure consumers and boost sales. To streamline their marketing efforts across all their platforms, many businesses rely on Salesforce eCommerce integrations. Now that all Salesforce Clouds – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Community Cloud are integrated, read this article to know how you can leverage 3D and augmented reality experiences—across them all.

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Benefits of Real-time 3D Product Visualization

For Sales Team

For communicating the products to customers, product visualization allows businesses to use images, renderings, and artwork. Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software makes B2B sales easy by providing leads with accurate quotes. It also has a visual component called CPQ visualization software, which can show a potential consumer a 3D rendering of a solution in real-time and makes the sales funnel’s whole journey more seamless. Product visualization has several benefits. Data always remains at your fingertips if you are using product visualization within Salesforce clouds, and it empowers your sales reps to work faster and smarter. Other benefits of product visualization are connecting all of your teams from sales to marketing to customer service to finance and guide each prospect through a personalized customer journey. 

For Service Team

Product visualization takes Service Cloud to the next level as your service agents can learn and select parts and set off automations easily across multiple channels on any device. Moreover, Service Cloud helps your team with Agent Workspace, Case Management, and Service Process Automation. The product visualization becomes vital for the team as they can sort out and settle any error before offering the product or service to your clients. By providing easy access to self-help capabilities and streamlining all customer service interactions, Service Cloud works to boost an organization’s efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

For Marketing Team

When it comes to marketing – “A picture is worth a thousand words” – The saying comes true. Humans are visual learners, and the key strategy for retailers to grasp the customer’s attention is Real-time visual presentation of a product/ service. Visual branding keeps you on the customer’s mind long after moving away and helps them remember information regarding your brand. 3D product visualization overall buyers’ experience and differentiates your brand from your competitors.

Benefits of using 3D and AR in eCommerce

Re-imagine Your Salesforce Experience with 3D and AR Technology

When you combine 3D and AR with Salesforce, you can produce virtual manuals for the field service agents. They can find and fix the problem more efficiently by identifying the model, type, and other installed product configurations. And for customers, you can provide a real-time experience by creating 3D views. Let’s check how integrating with CPQ, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud for brilliant visual configuration.

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Customization and configuration of prices in real-time drive confidence and sales velocity for your sales team. Without slowing down the sales process, retailers can generate proposals by customizing pricing in real-time and get a phenomenal visual and configuration experience by integrating with Salesforce CPQ. When you combine Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Community’s power to offer a visual configuration experience, you can also expand the use-case to partners, dealers, or distributors. During the entire quoting process, users can also visualize products in 3D and AR with Salesforce CPQ.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

i) B2B Commerce

Create powerful online customer experiences with 3D configuration or augmented reality from a single design file. The most crucial factor that affects the purchasing decision of the B2B buyers is visual.

ii) B2C Commerce

Salesforce commerce cloud integration helps to create stunning product visuals in 3D, AR. Allowing customers to experience products virtually in the real environment enables you to eliminate the presumption of buying and selling. You can envision all of your products in 3D and augmented reality anywhere at any time.

Sales Cloud

Regardless of whether you have a small enterprise or a large one, the Sales cloud can be the best option for your business. Sales Cloud can help your company increase sales by embedding 3D visuals in any Sales cloud object. Sales reps can have a real-time visual representation of the product, enabling them to customize and quote pricing accurately.

 Service Cloud

To deliver more intelligent, faster, and more personalized services, Service Cloud provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers. With Service Cloud, you can automate service processes to transform the agent experience. By providing easy access to self-help capabilities and streamlining customer service interactions, Service Cloud goes a long way in boosting an organization’s efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.

Transforming future with Salesforce Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR) is the first and foremost technology when it comes to the integration of technology in real life. Extended reality is the mixture of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. It places the real worldview with an artificial worldview.

Salesforce Extended Reality

The new world attempts to engage AR and VR technology for business implementation as extended reality is changing the digital world’s view. R and wear are the two ruling and trending technologies, and 3D models and 3 designs are the basic concepts of AR and VR integration with Salesforce.

Why is Salesforce's extended reality beneficial?

  1. Low Cost Development And High Return

Using AR and 3 visual, your business output will be higher than the manual and 2D representation. It will encourage you to build up undertaking with less time and cost speculation

  1. Detect And Solve Errors In No Time

You can get sufficient time to identify and settle the mistake while using extended reality to foresee the errors before it happens in the real world.

  1. Better Decision Making

There is no margin of error as AR and VR are putting the real world with the virtual world, so it helps you make a rapid and accurate decision at the crucial time.  

  1. Increase Productivity

Implementing XR in Salesforce streamlines the whole process of Visual Data analysis, workflow execution and can enhance your productivity.

  1. Simplifying Work Process

By implementing the Salesforce Extended Reality, the administrator can manage their work efficiently with a simple work process.

How can Salesforce increase the customers experience with AR and 3D visual?

In today’s world, customer expectation makes the main market approach decision. How better you present your products to the customer is the main selling point – from structuring an item until Publicis in to sell it, everything turns around the client’s expectation.

Salesforce increase the customers experience

Organizations are attempting to embrace AR and 3D visual for their client experience and continue to implement Salesforce with AR and VR to enhance their clients’ experience. For example, with AR and 3D visual features, you can envision virtually how the product, or the service will look in the actual world.

Final words

Adding extra values to your commercial enterprise XR lets you grow your productivity and redefine customer experience and organization development. Let ETG helps you create an incredible visual customer experience on Salesforce. We understand that today’s consumers have very high visual expectations from businesses. To delivering an unrivaled product experience to meet those expectations, we are increasingly committed.

ETG can help you leverage eCommerce integration across commerce, service, and marketing cloud – an essential thing to achieve in today’s digital world.

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