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As for eCommerce, COVID-effect has accelerated the trends which are supposed to take more than a year to materialize. Pandemic just speed it up. The world’s largest retailers soon followed the online trends just after travel bans, lockdowns and retail closure. This scenario forced the consumer to go online.

Brands are also investing in richer, more personalized experiences, to better compete with marketplaces and retail giants. The eCommerce industry is proliferating, now customer retention is on top priority and humanizing the brands can aid it. Due to this unprecedented situation, entrepreneurs are getting their start through eCommerce ventures, while retailers are making the move to online selling, 

The recent study on Global retail eCommerce sales 2014-2023 Published by Tugba Sabanoglu, Nov 30, 2020

“In 2019, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide.”  

However, eCommerce is an ever-changing industry and virus has affected how the people shop and scrambled the commercial vendors. Now, the world is a new place -new trends can outdo your competitors and can help your business to grow. And all you need is to jump on board to survive and thrive in this new world.

Here we are going to share a deeper insight over each trend that helps you to future-proof your business. 

Top 6 eCommerce Trends in 2022

1. Social Commerce

According to, amid the COVID-19 crisis, in 2020, estimated the global market for social commerce, is $89.4B in 2020 and expected to be $604.5B by 2027. The hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic surge online shopping.
Social commerce offers shoppers an even more seamless way to shop online, as it offers shopping on the social media platform. Buyers can make purchases right from the social media app or site, instead of clicking through to a third-party website. The introduction of Facebook shops, expansion of Snapchat’s Native Stores, a partnership between TikTok and Shopify all happened in 2020. Sellers have the potential to reach a wide global audience across the platforms.

2. Omni-channel experience

You need to optimize commerce across channels to capitalize on the eCommerce boom in this post-pandemic era. The pandemic accelerated years of global eCommerce growth in just weeks, but all are not equipped to compete. Here, the immersive omnichannel experience can give an edge to brands. It helps you to create unified experiences wherever your customers are and allows your business to quickly shift efforts and resources from offline to online on customer demands and leads to a resilience business benefit. 

3. Progressive web app

It offers an optimal experience to the mobile users, even if the user is offline, the app is designed to be loaded instantly. To provide consistent experiences across all devices, responsive online stores are crucial.

Few brands are experimenting over combining the features of the accelerated mobile page with a progressive web app to increasing the loading time. The combination can improved site conversion rates and lead to better search results, more top-of-funnel traffic.

4. Creative digital experience

Reinvent traditional shopping experiences for the post-pandemic world, by focusing on creating out of the box digital experiences for customers and bringing life to your brand. The consumer’s desire for convenience and immediacy is amplified and by elevating digital experience you can capitalize on their desire.

5. Introduction of AR

To show product shape and texture from any angle, use 3D modeling or 3D versions of your products. It allows the customer to try 360-degree realistic experiences before they buy-in. By allowing customers to see how a product might look, AR stimulates in-person shopping experiences online. Helping customers to better see the detail of your products drives conversions. AR unlocks the future of retail by engineering the virtual version of your products offering an in-person retail shopping experience.

“Augmented reality for larger items, especially home goods, becomes increasingly more relevant in the future,”  says Jordan Knapp, Shopify Plus’ Head of New Markets.  

6. Preference of Analytics for Inventory Management

When the pandemic pushed work into the digital sphere, businesses sectors accelerated the trends of incorporating analytics more into daily operations. As organizations had to manage strained supply chains and track sales across multiple locations and platforms for a total paradigm shift and this became particularly important for inventory management for retailers

How Salesforce is coming in the picture?

To run smoothly with the implementation of important platforms and tools, Salesforce development services are paying attention to rectify and debug apps. By lowering the delays count in the production cycle, Salesforce development services offer the best user experience from the apps. In this post let see how new Salesforce features will hit the market on a large scale. 

1. Customer 360

Salesforce clients now can use advanced Customer 360 platform to record the behavior of their customer across different business channels. The study of behavior will give a better idea about customer demands and results in appropriate customization of the business to generate better ROI. 

2. Marketing Automation

Pardot, a Salesforce owned marketing automation tool, pipelines all the sales and speeds up in driving more through social marketing, email marketing and more. Without any regular human involvement, it can assist to attain regular business goals like – sending automated emails to the registered or targeted customers. To assist in promoting the marketing campaigns, Salesforce development services optimize the Marketing Cloud. 

3. Artificial Intelligence

In 2021, voice bots, and voice assistant are the two significant products to exhibit. To implement AI, Salesforce development services are linked with the CRM management. Salesforce already introduces Einstein Voice or Einstein AI which proves to be beneficial for the sales department. 

About Einstein Voice

It is an advanced voice-based UI. It helps to communicate with Salesforce services and products. To build updates to Salesforce records, users attain voice-based commands. It works along with Einstein voice bots and Einstein Choice Assistant. Salesforce users can craft their voice assistants using Einstein Voice Bots. 

To contact the potential leads upfront which enhances the deal counts, Salesforce Cloud permits the AI to prepare reminders. Apart from that, to assist the businesses to stay ahead of the curve, Salesforce development services provide the best analytics. 

4. Mulesoft

Mulesoft is crafted to link Salesforce with other apps that strengthen the devices, app on all the cloud environments. It helps you to reap the benefits of Customer 360 by permitting you to connect any system data, app, and device. With the integration of Salesforce and Mulesoft, you can develop specialized solutions and integrate many apps simultaneously.

5. Salesforce Lightning and Lightning Web Components

To pace up the app performance along with the practices of development, you can use Salesforce lightning web components that are developed utilizing advanced JavaScript and HTML. In the new generation, to craft business apps with sufficient features, Salesforce will use lightning components along with templates. 

6. Tableau

Tableau, a robust business intelligence tool, helps to implement actionable data analysis faster. To attain better insight, tableau can be used for visualizing analytics and casts the outcomes. Many business domains are already been reaping the benefits of data visualization.

Wrapping Up

Every year, the result of growing user needs is the emergence of new trends and this year is accelerating the new digital trends. New eCommerce trends are expected to attract exponential benefits for almost every industry. The industries that are looking for a profitable change in this current situation, the aforementioned salesforce trends in 2021 are most feasible. So grab the knowledge and reap the most out of them by choosing the appropriate upgrades for your business.

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