Accelerate Digital Transformation for a Recession-Proof business

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In simple word, the migration from one technical system to another is re-platforming. Mainly retailers do re-platforming to increase the performance and usability of their business. Re-platforming is used to enhance the functionality of the technology you use.

Eventually, every sound system become outdated with time and need to be upgraded and so to scale your business, you need to adopt re-platforming. To avoid a re-platforming again shortly, you need to plan while considering your current business.

What is a recession-proof business?

A business with a better chance of riding out a recession or somehow survived unscathed or can stay afloat during terrible economic times is mainly known as a Recession-proof business.

Five Unique business benefits of digital transformation during a business recession!

During the recession, Digital transformation helps to broaden the sphere of your customers and your business. 

  1. Improved productivity

During emergencies like lockdown, digital transformation allows companies to build propelled functionalities by mechanizing paper-driven procedures to streamline work processes.

2. Know Your Customers

There are possibilities at any point when you may have different challenges, relationships, and opportunities across your customer base. So, you always have to be disciplined around identifying market trends, routine analysis and development, and revenue tracking. 

You can precisely and accurately determine which customers and markets are most profitable with the right processes and systems in place. The sooner you would be able to act, the sooner you gain access to this knowledge. You would be able to make changes to the pricing structure or adjusting the delivery model, or even targeting an altogether different audience. 

  1. Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Traditionally, while cutting down on risks, investors view a diversified portfolio to improve returns. To enjoy more stability in a recession or slowdown time, organizations should have diversified revenue models as diversified revenue modes are more likely to deal with the recession than a single service revenue model. So it would be best if you were involved in developing a wide variety of revenue streams. 

  1. Everyone be agreeable on same. 

An organization is at an increased risk of facing severe concerns down the road if it had financial data in one place and service data in another or sales data in yet another place. To unify all these data in a suitable location, you need a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) system such as Salesforce. The managers and employees of an organization don’t have to worry about data integrity as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud help you reconcile your data across different genres. 

  1. Turn Data Into Human Intelligence

Business leaders can effortlessly create fairly accurate revenue forecasts to gain a distinct edge by looking at the backlog data, existing projects, and opportunities. Every day, organizations worldwide are accumulating a vast silo of data, and the most exciting part is they are getting more sophisticated around revenue forecasts. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an urgent mandate, not a future aspiration

Salesforce offers digital solutions to both B2B and B2C companies. Reputed research firms like Forrester, Gartner appreciate Salesforce’s contribution to digital commerce. Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps businesses to deliver advanced digital experiences to its customers.

How is Salesforce cloud shaping eCommerce industries to become digitally accelerated?

  • Integrating the buying experience:

Customers seek a more unified and connected digital experience. By creating multiple customer touchpoints, digital technology has improved user connectivity. By providing a single 360-degree view of all customer activities, orders, inventory, etc., Salesforce ecommerce integration allows sellers to connect with customers across multiple touchpoints. This helps businesses to drive their sales by creating unified customer journeys.

  • Being Mobile First:

As per Business Insider Intelligence prediction, from 25.5% CAGR from 2019, mobile commerce will hit 44% in 2024. Businesses can make their online stores responsive to mobile devices with Salesforce integration and optimize micro-moments and enable one-touch payments. 

  • Personalizing User Experiences: 

Salesforce eCommerce integration helps ecommerce retailers leverage AI to provide personalized service as we know that personalization is the new battlefront in ecommerce. Many find it tough to accommodate, but Salesforce offers it as a part of the ecommerce suite at an affordable cost and leverage e-retailers to build quick data capabilities. 

  • Driving Innovations: 

Deliver new digital experiences to their clients with continuous innovations with the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The suite helps them enhance customer support and expertise and try new promotion techniques and experiment with fulfilment. By leveraging an extensive library of pre-built integrations, including payment accelerators, loyalty programs, ratings, and reviews of Salesforce, offer your customers an out-of-the-box experience by combining best practices in-store design, merchandising, and technical architecture.  

  • Scaling Up Fast

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, as a cloud-based platform, makes scaling up rapid and easy. You can hit the eCommerce market in no time. Especially retailers are compelled to take online routes due to the economic stress resulting from the after-effects of Covid-19. Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help retailers move online quickly, customize their online store, and help manage multiple stores with a unified framework. The Cloud-based platform can help ecommerce businesses deliver the next generation of shopping experiences by providing them with the necessary enablement and tools in one place and at affordable costs. 

Digitize Your Business with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

ETG is a Crest Level Salesforce Partner, can help you if your business is looking to digitize or want to move to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Reach out to us to discuss Salesforce Commerce Cloud for your ecommerce business and be benefitted from our strong expertise across all Salesforce Products. 

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