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Outsource your eCommerce development or keep it in-house – which is better? – Every business looking to operate in the eCommerce space is facing this challenge. This is an important decision, and the result will have powerful implications for either the success or failure of your entire business, so business leaders should not take it lightly. Some businesses prefer to see the pros of Outsourcing this service far outweigh the cons, while others have a dedicated in-house development team. Making the right decision is entirely dependent on your business setup, company culture, and goals for the future, as this is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Demand for eCommerce is stronger than ever before after this pandemic hits worldwide and forces the customers to take quarantine measures to place around the world. To mitigate financial risks while coping with demand, eCommerce outsourcing is a solution. And for the rapid growth of eCommerce business, Outsourcing is a cost-efficient solution. To optimize your online business, you can outsource a wide range of tasks and services. You can have more time to focus on the core of your business when you outsource your eCommerce operation. 

Are You a Retailer Looking to Outsource Your eCommerce Operations?

Let’s start checking few basics of eCommerce outsourcing: What it is, How to choose the best Partner etc.

What Is eCommerce Outsourcing?

Handling everything on your own may be feasible for start-ups in the eCommerce industry., However, the workload will expand, as well as your business expands. You will soon find that the business is just afloat instead of growing, and you are stuck.

To propel your business further, Outsourcing lends you a hand. To cover a certain business function, you hire an external service provider for you when you outsource. This process requires trust, so to fulfill the needs of your business, you need to choose a reliable service provider. Make sure that you understand the business process of Outsourcing well before you outsource for the first time. eCommerce outsourcing service providers deal with outsourcing solutions for eCommerce businesses by offering a wide array of online retailers.

Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Your eCommerce Operation

eCommerce outsourcing has both Pros and Cons. Tally pros and cons depending on your business requirements.

Benefits of eCommerce outsourcing

Pros Of eCommerce Outsourcing

  • Focus on core operations

Handling all of the business functions on your own is cumbersome. You have more time and resources to focus on your core operation, as when you outsource your eCommerce operation, you will do fewer non-core activities.

  • Affordable workforce expansion

Hiring in-house staff is much more expensive than Outsourcing. Without paying for additional equipment and workspace, Outsourcing also allows you to expand your workforce.

  • Best practice recommendations

Outsourcing partners ensure service levels that encourage customer loyalty by meeting the latest consumer demands. They can use their vast experience with various industries and guide you to identify the areas of improvement for better ROI.

  • Increase Productivity

Maintaining a well-oiled supply chain and rapidly fixing problems when they inevitably arise, efficiently manage orders – doing all these alone may reduce your productivity. Tricky details of global eCommerce are probably outside your core competencies, so outsourcing these operations gives you the chance to concentrate on your forte and eventually increases your productivity.

  • Staff Expertise

Outsourcing companies thoroughly trained their employees to represent clients in their respective fields. They ensure you provide specialized customer services, effective brand representatives, and tech experts to handle the whole operation with ease.

  • Access to the best technology

You will no longer need to invest in additional technology and keep up with trends as outsourcing service providers will ensure it on your behalf by using the most efficient tools and equipment.

  • Reduce Business Risks

The risk of a poorly handled customer interaction is reduced as you are already sure that your outsourced staff is well-trained in handling your customers and business professionals. So, outsourcing your eCommerce operation gives protection against several risks.  

  • Keep up with Industry Trends

To take back ownership and control of the customer experience, brands demand personalized experiences. And the eCommerce outsourcing partners ensure the brands stand out from the competition by constantly adapting new trends to incorporate the latest consumer expectations.

  • Disaster Preparedness

The operations you outsourced to an offshore partner will go on if a disaster strikes your area. Outsourcing also helps you avoid the effects of any localized disaster and your business during volatile economic times. So, you can maximize profit through offshore Outsourcing.  

  • Long-term Profitability

eCommerce outsourcing helps keep your processes optimized in the long run and supports your growth, so you can consistently expand most profitably.

Cons of eCommerce Outsourcing

  • Lose Some Control

You will lose some control over how that function is being monitored and performed when you outsource an aspect of your business. If you choose a trustworthy service provider with a good brand image, this will not be a big issue.

  • Data Security Risks

Your business information like payment details, customer profile info are especially sensitive as an eCommerce business. It would help if you chose a partner that can guarantee data security, as Outsourcing of eCommerce operation requires you to share this sensitive data with your service provider.

  • Miscommunication/ Mishap

Sometimes it is difficult to explain things without face-to-face interaction as your remote outsourced workforce may misunderstand your messages.

  • Overlooking Your Local Community

It is a dilemma and misinterpretation since your business mainly operates online, you are not providing local opportunities.

Your decisions and strategy are key points on which the impact of outsourcing your business would depend. If you choose the right service to provide, most of the cons mentioned above are avoidable.

Things to be considered while choosing the right eCommerce outsourcing service provider?

Several BPO companies cater to eCommerce businesses, but not all of them can fulfill your business needs. It would help if you had a firm grasp of how you want the job to be done and which parts of your business need to be outsourced before looking to outsource a service provider.

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing an eCommerce outsourcing service provider.  

  • Length of Experience

In the outsourcing industry, the length of experience also matters, like hiring an experienced employee. An experienced service provider would have better knowledge and expertise to navigate eCommerce services’ challenges and offer services aligned with your requirements.

  • Quality of Staff

Ensure that the outsourcing company has well-trained staff as you are staffing your business through your service provider, representing your business to the customers.

  • Quality control and monitoring

You should choose a partner who ensures the quality of their output and services. Outsourcing means you are giving up some control to the service provider who does it well.

  • Safety Guarantee

Some of your sensitive data will go through your service provider. Make sure your service provider follows industry standards, such as ISO data privacy, and take strong measures in place to protect your information.

  • Value for money:

Choose a service provider who provides high-quality services at flexible prices. Make sure your chosen partner is providing service within your budget without compromising their service quality.


With all the disruption of Covid-19, the retail industry embraces the concept of the Omnichannel approach. An experienced eCommerce outsourcing partner can help you to adjust today’s digital-first shoppers. To keep up with the fast-paced digital environment from now on, rethink your retail strategy. Reach ETG Digital and learn how to embrace this new concept of outsourcing eCommerce operation and how it will impact your business.

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