Transforming Customer Journey With Salesforce Customer 360

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“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”
Peter Sondergaard, Senior VP, Gartner Research.

Focusing on the organizational transformation from the inside-out, customer-facing channels’ exponential growth has paved the way for the next era of support. The explosion of customer data with the rise of digital at a surprising speed – has revolutionized the market. Marketers today can better understand their customers using technology and data and drive significant bottom-line results by delivering personalized one-to-one experiences.

It is not good enough to have a strategy, for executives in today’s digitalized world of business. One must be both visionary and farsighted. We observe changing taking place that is rapidly revolutionizing traditional business model and the most influential factors impacting this business hour

  • Brand loyalty
  • Shifting of customer behaviour
  • Regulatory scrutiny
  • Significant supply chain bottleneck
  • Rapid innovation
  • Preference of ecommerce

Before entering the traditional or virtual store, customer invests ample time in research and decision making. Their buying decisions are influenced by peer customer review, feedback promotion, loyalty programs and discounted offers. These factors impact customer and product information more than ever before. We often see that organizations have scattered and duplicated data across multiple systems. This captured information leads customers to frustration as they fail to navigate product information with ease.

To capture the information needed to present a standard view of customer and product information across the value chain, organizations are struggling. To maintain both the customer and product data, all the organization’s goal is to have an integrated approach. At the best way to begin restoring the company’s ability to keep up with the shifting consumer demand, we often find customer 360 degree is the best way out.

New approaches to customer analytics have emerged, as well as the strategic importance of data has increased. The need to integrate data faster and deliver real-time insights is critical, as customer interactions with companies grow and diversify. To become more data-driven and invest in customer analytics, today, we will explore the underlying trends that drive companies.

To unlocking more data, foremost is unlocking the correct data. Every organization desires to comprehend customers, collaborate across teams, using data visibility and refine specific workflows that impact experiences.

Precisely Salesforce’s Customer 360 does that for the business owners. Let’s dig deep to know how retailers can revolutionizes digital customer journey with Customer 360.

What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 is a tool that enables a complete view of a customer’s journey by allowing companies to connect various Salesforce apps. Customer 360 provides a unified view of customers’ data from multiple domains like service, commerce, marketing, sales, and more. And this dynamic view provides every crucial detail together, which helps organizations offer a personalized customer experience.

Customer 360 Degree View

How can Companies Utilize Salesforce Customer 360 Degree?

The organizations have to bolster their technological capabilities to apply customer 360-degree view effectively. Salesforce Customer 360 performs several necessary functions to keep your business growing exponentially.

  • Produce meaningful strategies by enabling powerful search across all data types  
  • Ensure optimum utilization of available data and reduce irrelevant data by scaling up and adapt to an ever-increasing volume and variety of incoming data.
  • Analyze customers’ feedback and enable a sales rep to act on that.
  • Employees can focus on value-added activities as manual work is reduced.

Salesforce Customer 360 Degree View is Revolutionizing the Retail Industry

It won’t be an exaggeration if we Salesforce customer 360 degree is revolutionizing the whole retail industry.   

  1. Digital Value Proposition: Customer 360 degree view enables companies to get a clear and simple case by adopting an analytics-driven faster approach to fully automated processes. The value an organization can provide to its customers through the process is the value proposition, and for the digital age, it needs to go beyond traditional process management.
  2. Enabling Product Simplification: Complex coverage details that include many specific exceptions can create barriers for the customer; they want fast and straightforward digital interactions. To improve efficiency, Customer 360-degree view helps companies to implement and maintain critical technology systems.
  3. Office Process Digitization – By simplifying and standardizing the manual process Digital Tools and systems services results in a leaner operation and higher customer satisfaction. Sales reps and marketers manually carry out often-complex tasks in most cases and lead to significantly divergent results.
  4. Ensuring Innovative Customer Lifecycle: With immense possibilities for the future, Customer 360-degree view offers truly innovative customer journeys with a combination of AI. Marketers and sales reps can make the proper decisions with a greater understanding of the digital integration, industry ecosystem and digital operating model.
  5. Enhanced Security: AI-powered salesforce customer 360 degree view is helping companies for the forecasting such as potential leads, total loss, or to speed up their downstream handling by using data visualization.
  6. Augmented Customer Intelligence: Track all the touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey using the unique solution of Salesforce Customer 360. Analysts can focus on the bigger picture. Predict a customer’s behaviour and their need shortly, using data from the chronology of a customer’s purchase history. Salesforce Customer 360 enhanced customer intelligence and empowers Sales reps to leverage reordering, upselling, and cross-selling opportunities. By forecasting the customers’ response to the dynamic nature of products, marketing campaigns, Customer 360 also helps marketers to create state-of-the-art strategies.  
  7. Personalized Shopping Experiences: To cultivate a customized shopping experience, organizations collect factual data from a customer’s journey for some critical and unique information. Salesforce Customer 360 empowers businesses to furnish a personalized shopping experience by providing an all-encompassing view of each customer.
  8. Impeccable Customer Service: When a customer might need assistance, a proactive business can foresee situations. The customer’s experience can define with the crucial conditions like when a customer requires help and company can serve the exact purpose at the right time. A customer’s need to explain and furnish details is eliminated as Customer 360 provides the service team factual information about a customer’s product purchases. To evaluate the situation efficiently, Customer 360 empowers your support reps and helps them find a suitable resolution.
  9. Greater Customer Loyalty: Keeping customers coming back is the simple science behind creating loyal customers. Create a roadmap for long-term success by discovering a distinct and everyday customer needs. The bedrock of effective customer relationships is well-timed and informative communication, and Customer 360 allows you to establish a strategic communication action plan.   

Finishing Line

It is essential to know your customers, irrespective of the nature of your business. Entail more than just day-to-day engagements by envisioning and engineering the strategies. To grow business should deliver fantastic customer experiences, this is what exactly Customer 360 does for you. 


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