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91% of customers say that good customer service encourages them to make another purchase. Your customer service has a huge impact on your customer loyalty. All it takes is one bad experience, too much time or too many steps to get their resolution, and you could lose a customer. Which is why, its imperative to have a flawless case management system in place.

Case management is also known as a ticketing system, which involves providing customer service, by handling of cases or tickets that customers generate when facing issues. It is basically the process of managing customer support from the beginning to the end of their grievances. The process involves creating, assigning and escalating cases to staff, communicating with the customers, and resolving their problems. And it can be complicated to manage everything on your own, but with the Salesforce Case Management System, you get a number of tools to help you simplify and streamline the process. This provide a better experience, not only for your customers, but also to your support staff.

A Salesforce research finds that 76% of customers prefer different channels to lodge their cases, depending on the context. They may initiate their requests via phone, SMS, email, chat, or social media and then move to other channels as per their needs. So, you need an efficient case management system to ensure a seamless process, irrespective of the communication channel. And Salesforce does just that. It connects the entire service organization and provides critical customer information, activity history, next best action suggestions and more, to assist agents with everything they need to resolve a case, no matter where they come from.

Salesforce Case Management Features & Benefits

1. Seamless Service With A Single Unified View Of Customers

Save your support team time and energy with a single unified view of customer information right from their service consoles, so they don’t need to reach out and wait for their colleagues to track down documents required to resolve a case. With the cloud-based Salesforce case management, they don’t even need to switch screens or different software, as they’re provided with all the information in one unified view, irrespective of where they are accessing the information from or which device they are using.

2. Deliver Customer Support To And From Anywhere

Customer behaviour continues to change with new channels emerging. Salesforce Case Management helps your company meet customers wherever they are, by allowing your support team to communicate and resolve customer concerns in real time, be it on call, chat, email, an app or any social media.

3. Empower Your Support Staff With Better Knowledge Of Customers

With Salesforce Case Management, you equip your support team with the right tools and technologies needed to resolve a case, efficiently. Your customers’ order status, service history, communication preferences, and other handy information help your staff focus better on each customer, and provide a streamlined and personalized service experience, to ensure customer satisfaction and boost customer loyalty.

4. Grade Cases Based On Their Urgencies

The lesser your response time, the better will be your customer engagement and satisfaction. Your customer insights also help to determine which cases need immediate attention and which can be taken care of later. Your team can check the customer’s issues and assess its urgency to segregate and grade it accordingly. This standard procedure to analyse case urgencies helps ensure that your support team’s priorities are well aligned to your customer’s needs.

5. Avoid Unwanted Escalations And Expedite Resolutions By Assigning Cases To The Right Staff

One of the primary benefits of Salesforce Case Management is omni-channel routing. Customers don’t need to follow lengthy processes or wait too long to get their queries solved, which helps your business improve its average handle time. Once a case is registered, it is assigned to the best agent judged on the basis of their skill set and availability. Since cases are automatically assigned, your team is also saved from unintentionally missing out on cases and deadlines. This leads to quick resolutions and helps avoid escalation of cases to higher support levels, saving you the increased overall cost of resolution.

6. Automate Tasks To Let Your Staff Focus On More Important Aspects

Salesforce Case Management removes repetitive tasks from your staff’s plates to help them focus on the more important strategic tasks. This Automation is also supplemented with prompts. So, your customer service team can simply follow sequences to resolve cases, guided by prompts on how to proceed next.

7. Use Your Data To Make Smarter Decisions

The rich customer insights give an opportunity for everyone, across departments in your organization, to know their customers better and utilise the insights further. The data collected over time can be of great use to proactively improve your products, services and processes.

We Helped A Federal Government Agency Achieve An Integrated & Efficient Customer Service Strategy With The Salesforce Case Management System.

Building a custom Case Management System wasn’t an easy task, but ETG Digital did just that to help them improve their data handling.

Taking their process and business perspective into consideration, along with their need to go paperless and handle huge and constantly dynamic data, ETG Digital proposed them the development of a custom case management system, powered by Salesforce. After the implementation and customization of the new platform, we went on to create a Salesforce Lightening Knowledge Base to make self service easy for both their registered and unregistered users.

Their omni-channel requirement was also fulfilled. Alongside, we automated multiple processes, such as, the syncing of incoming inquiries from email, social media, web etc., back to system to log a case, the creation and assignment of cases, routing of emails, mapping of addresses to respective queues of business units, and notifying parties once their cases were assigned or the status changed. We also configured automatic triggers, to make sure that customers receive their answers within 5 days of raising their requests.

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Our complex implementation and configuration resulted to the following:

  • Automated notifications to parties involved in cases, made their case resolutions quick and precise.
  • The scope for errors inevitable with manual handling of documents and customer information, was decreased by 3.7%
  • An increase of 2.5x in their ability to handle cases.
  • An increase in the average response rate to customer queries by 17%

ETG Digital Can Help You With Your Salesforce Case Management Too

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