Why You Should Get Your Salesforce Org Reviewed Periodically

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business technology, staying ahead requires more than just adopting innovative solutions – it demands a commitment to ensuring the continued health and efficiency of your digital infrastructure. And this is where Salesforce reviews step in as a pivotal practice. Just as regular health check-ups are essential for maintaining personal well-being, periodic Salesforce reviews are critical for your company’s digital well-being.

A Salesforce review entails a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s Salesforce instance, examining its performance, security measures, data integrity, user adoption, and alignment with business goals.

Let’s delve into the significance of Salesforce reviews and explore why these assessments are necessary to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce org.

The Challenges That May Arise In The Lack Of Periodic Salesforce Health Checks

1. Performance Degradation and Productivity Loss

Over time, Salesforce environments can accumulate unnecessary data, customizations, and configurations that impact system performance. Without regular reviews or health checks, these issues can go unnoticed, leading to sluggish response times, slower page loads, and frustrated users. As performance degrades, employees’ productivity suffers as they spend more time waiting for the system to respond.

2. Costly System Downtime

Without periodical reviews, critical issues such as database corruption, resource overutilization, or integration failures can accumulate. These problems may eventually lead to unexpected system crashes or downtime, disrupting business operations and requiring urgent and potentially costly efforts to restore functionality.

3. Data Breaches and Compromised Integrity

Cyber threats evolve rapidly, and Salesforce instances can become vulnerable if security patches and updates aren’t applied regularly. Neglecting health checks could lead to security vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit, potentially resulting in data breaches, leaks of sensitive information, and compromised data integrity.

4. Missed Growth Opportunities and Poor User Adoption

An improperly maintained Salesforce system can be frustrating for users due to slow response times, frequent errors, and inefficient workflows. This leads to poor user adoption, as employees seek workarounds instead of utilizing the system’s capabilities. This lack of adoption hampers the organization’s ability to leverage the platform for innovation and growth.

5. Inefficient Integrations

Integrations between Salesforce and other systems play a crucial role in maintaining efficient data flow across the organization. Without periodical reviews, changes in external systems can break integrations, leading to data inconsistencies, duplication, or errors.

6. Non-Compliance and Regulatory Penalties

Many industries have specific regulations and compliance requirements that businesses must adhere to. Without regular health checks, the system might not stay aligned with these standards, potentially resulting in violations. This can lead to hefty fines, legal disputes, and damage to your company’s reputation.

7. Inaccurate Reporting and Decision-Making

Salesforce is often a primary source of data for critical business decisions. If health checks aren’t conducted, data quality issues can arise, causing inaccurate reporting and analytics. Relying on flawed data can lead to poor strategic decisions, undermining the company’s growth and success

8. Scalability Challenges

As a company grows, its Salesforce instance needs to scale accordingly to handle increased user load and data volume. Without periodic reviews, scalability issues might not be addressed, resulting in slow system performance, frequent outages, and an inability to meet growing demands.

Incorporating periodic Salesforce Org reviews involves evaluating system performance, security, data quality, and user adoption to help prevent these challenges by proactively identifying and resolving issues, thereby ensuring that the platform remains a reliable and effective tool for your company’s ongoing success.

Are you getting your Salesforce org reviewed periodically to ensure its optimal performance & security?

Security breaches, data loss, performance issues, compliance violations, & missed opportunities can have detrimental effects on your organization. It is only by prioritizing regular health checks, that you can proactively address these threats, strengthen your security posture, ensure compliance with regulations, optimize performance, & maximize the value derived from your investment.

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Salesforce Managed Service Experts

Periodic Salesforce Org Reviews Offer Numerous Benefits

Here are the key advantages you can expect with us

1. Enhanced Security

Our certified experts help identify & address security vulnerabilities, ensuring that your data & customer information remain protected. We identify misconfigurations, access control issues & potential entry points for malicious actors, to help fortify your Salesforce instance & maintain the robust security.

2. Improved Performance

By identifying & resolving performance bottlenecks, inefficient processes, & system limitations, we help you enhance your user experience, streamline business operations & increase productivity.

3. Risk Mitigation

Our Salesforce health check service believes in a proactive approach towards risk management. It is by identifying potential risks & weaknesses early on, that we implement preventive measures, to reduce the likelihood of security breaches, data loss, compliance violations, & operational disruptions.

4. Increased Data Integrity

We identify & rectify data quality issues, inconsistencies, & duplication, to ensure the accuracy & reliability of your information, to facilitate better decision-making & improved business outcomes.

5. Compliance Assurance

We evaluate your Salesforce instance against relevant compliance requirements, to identify gaps, implement necessary controls, & ensure that your data handling practices align with legal & regulatory obligations.

6. Optimization Of Customizations

Salesforce offers extensive customization capabilities, & our health checks allow you to assess their effectiveness. We also review the scope of customization, so you can identify opportunities for improvement, & align your Salesforce with evolving business needs.

7. Cost Savings

Our identifying & addressing issues proactively through health checks, help avoid costly incidents down the line. Plus, by preventing security breaches, data loss, & performance problems, you not only save on potential financial losses, but also mitigate the need for costly remediation efforts.

8. Continuous Improvements

Our evaluation also helps you identify areas for enhancement, implement best practices, & stay updated with the new features & functionalities.

9. Maximization Of ROI

Our experts ensure the efficient utilization of the numerous capabilities of Salesforce to help drive growth, achieve strategic objectives & enhance customer satisfaction, eventually maximizing your Salesforce RoI.

ETG Digital's Salesforce Health Check Services

Our spectrum of services helps you ensure & maintain your CRM in the pink of health.

Our components generally include the following (but can also be customized based on your needs):

  1. Assessment Of The Scope of Customization
  2. Evaluation Of Automation Processes
  3. Ensuring Scalability
  4. Data Models Review
  5. 3rd-Party Apps Performance Review
  6. Optimization Of Reports & Dashboards
  7. Managing Salesforce Data Management
  8. Streamlining Of Salesforce Processes
  9. Implementation Of Best Practices
  10. Need something else? Tell us, we’ve got you covered.

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