Leverage Sales Forecasting with Salesforce Einstein AI

Leverage Sales Forecasting with Salesforce Einstein AI

Predictive analytics allows user to make predictions about unknown future events and is an extension of advanced analytics. Evaluating present data and making predictions adopts varied approaches from machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, statistics, and modelling. Various fields like marketing, retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, travel, pharmaceuticals use Predictive analytics to retain their position in the competition.

To maximize sales, your sales team has a robust process and uses different smart technical tools but cannot reach the desired goal. It is sometimes quite difficult for the device to find actionable insights by analyzing a large volume of data. 

Here we mentioned a few basic problems faced by an organization in their Sales cycle:

  • Waste of time in manual documentation of details.
  • Lack of appropriate automation tools
  • Discrepancies in forecasting and recommendation of deals due to improper data analysis
  • Inconsistent sales report due to excess manual work
  • Inability to make faster decisions leads to a drop in Sale.

In such a scenario, salesforce predictive analytics helps prescribe a timely action plan and predict market changes early by analyzing massive sales data. To manage the sales pipeline, get intelligent sales insight and improves the sales process, Salesforce predictive analytics helps organizations. And Salesforce has introduced Sales Cloud Einstein, which helps sales teams sell smarter and gives full visibility of team performance to the Sales leader. It has artificial intelligence (AI) built into the core of the Salesforce platform.

Here, by making intelligent predictions & recommendations about the sales deals, Sales Cloud Einstein helps organizations sell smarter. Sales Cloud Einstein helps boost the sales team’s productivity by enabling them to make informed decisions with accurate revenue expectations. Sales leaders will get a clear understanding of what exactly to expect from the pipeline at every level with Einstein Forecasting.

Sales reps get more time to focus on selling when the manual entry of data is eliminated from the system. They can connect with Sales Cloud Einstein to gather insights by capturing and learning about the data. To estimate the likelihood of a potential sale, NPL (Natural Language Processing) can dig through the text of emails exchanged with customers. To improve the sales process, the team has to detect the best possible deals or be at significant risk of losing it.

About Salesforce Einstein AI

To translate the behind each forecast into human language, Salesforce Einstein Forecasting uses the select logic. This helps sales leaders to know what to expect and when from the pipeline. Using Einstein Forecasting, Sales Team can easily view a dashboard and keep a check on the team. Before it gets too late and gets the quarterback on track, the manager and sales leads can quickly take action through Einstein Forecasting’s anticipation. 

Furthermore, if finance officers are looking for expansion in any new region, they can get a good idea. Using Einstein Forecasting, you can easily predict whether the company has enough funds to take up a new project. It helps you in dealing with the risk, which is the best part of predictive forecasting. It helps create predictions on how much deals are on the verge of closing by precisely analyzing millions of data points of company opportunity history. These prediction help sales leaders and managers to know their exact focus area. Einstein Analytics’s proactiveness is quite palpable as the manager gets an instant notification as soon as the irregularity or some risk comes in the notice.   

Highlights of the key features of Einstein Analytics

  1. Einstein Lead Scoring: Prioritize leads and decide which leads needs to be called first and approach first using lead scoring. 
  2. Einstein Account Insights: Get the detailed insight into the state of the accounts.  
  3. Einstein Automated Contacts: Improve CRM data by recording new contact and contact roles.
  4. Einstein Opportunity Insights: Focus your valuable time on the deals which need most of the attention using Opportunity insights. 
  5. Einstein Activity Capture: Automate mapping calendar data and email to the right records. 
  6. Discovery and analytics studio: Develops AI-powered apps with pre-built templates or from scratch. Get the access to pre-built templates Explorer and NLQ app designer and app framework. 
  7. Data Management: Connect all sorts of data from various sources which helps in visual data preparation and hold self-contained ETL functionality 
  8. No code AI: Get model transparency, prescriptive and predictive analytics, natural language and narrative explanation, generations, real-time recommendations, and one-click automated discovery and storytelling using this transparent no-code AI.
  9. Intelligent experiences: An action framework embedded in the business apps and is integrated with various workflow automation tools. Collaborate, connect and act on the insights. 

How Retailers are Benefitted from Einstein Analytics:

Let’s see How with useful predictions, recommendations, and insights for each phase of sales, Sales Cloud Einstein can help the retail industry:

  • Identify high priority leads and target them for sales.
  • Automate the process of adding/creating records in Salesforce. By automating activity capture, and connecting sales rep email and calendar, retailers can enjoy increased sales productivity. 
  • You can find which deals are more or less likely to close based on recent activity by looking at existing data and close deals faster. 
  • Stay well informed about crucial business developments that would affect the prospect and connect with your customers with up-to-date information.  
  • The sales managers have richer insights powered by AI, making them well equipped to get ready for business decisions.
  • Email assistant for Sales Cloud Einstein helps the sales team prioritize their inbox and quickly handle client needs by finding the most important emails and recommending the best action to act on.
Sales Cloud Einstein

How Einstein Analytics help Business


Analysts get the most related and reliable insights just by linking real data. They can analyze numerous combinations all at one point and makes the right decisions along with AI-driven predictions and also the next step recommendation. 


A sales rep can get a comprehensive view of pipeline that leads to smart selling. As they handle the whole workflow from the new leads and the opportunities to the close, Einstein Analytics can give a perfect sales prediction and forecast to develop winning approaches. Moreover, it enhances productivity with inbuilt or customized performance tracking dashboards of the sales operatives. 


Einstein analytics enhances the ROI of your imperative CRM implementation and extends the functionality with custom apps. It optimizes planes, links all your data source with the complete data management tools and makes the admin work easy. 


With the help of better financial data make perfect financial decisions. Einstein analytics links all your data across ERP, CRM, HCN, data warehouse and more. It integrates sales forecasting along with the revenue cash flow and ghost planning. Furthermore, by examining the current performance by comparing with the past targets and the trends, Einstein analytics enhances data quality. 


Converts complex marketing data into simple marketing wins. Marketing team gets a clear, simple dashboard for your audience campaigns and more as Einstein Analytics sweeps all outdated spreadsheets instantly. Moreover, it tracks marketing spend easily camping the outcomes how do I add audience engagement. Einstein analytics optimizes and customizes the outreach over the preferred channel of your customer device and content. 

Based on the financial goals, ETG Salesforce Einstein experts will provide the best-recommended actions plan, which will lead to higher customer satisfaction level and retention. Our goal is to make our customers smarter, more productive, and more predictive by democratizing artificial intelligence. To create a predictive model, Einstein analyzes your team’s past opportunities. To increase your sales productivity with the implementation of Sales Cloud Einstein, get in touch with us.

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