Managing Customer Loyalty with Salesforce

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These are the times when customers can take advantage of apps to compare product prices in seconds and simply make their purchase from the business offering the lowest price. So, to survive and thrive today, you need to encourage your customers to stay in business with you, by rewarding them with exclusive benefits and personalized rewards, for their interactions and purchases with your business, encouraging them with the incentive to return and claim them every time. In other words, your business needs to earn customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is the measure of a customer’s likeliness to repeat business with a brand. It is earned as a result of customer satisfaction from the overall value of the goods or services they receive from a business. Earning customer loyalty is quintessential for any business, no matter the type. Because, when a customer is loyal to a specific brand, they are not going to get easily influenced by its availability or pricing. Since they are assured of getting the same quality product or service they love and trust. Apart from this there are multiple other perks too.

  • Your customers are not actively searching for different suppliers
  • They are happy with your brand and may refer to their family and friends
  • You can build a network of brand advocates by counting on these people who are willing to endorse your brand
  • They are open to other products or services provided by your brand
  • They are more patient and understanding if issues occur and trust you to fix them
  • They are willing to offer feedback on how your brand can improve its products/services
  • As long as there is a need, they will keep purchasing their trusted product/service
  • Returning or repeat customers typically spend more than first-time customers
  • Retaining an existing customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new one
  • Customer loyalty helps your company with efficient planning
  • Repeat customers tend to shop more frequently and spend more during the holidays

The concept of customer loyalty programs exists since a long time, but to make it work today, we need smarter and more effective ways.

The solution? Leave your loyalty program management to Salesforce to automate the repetitive processes, consolidate a customer’s entire journey and activities and customize the engagement strategies. Salesforce Loyalty Management lets you use the power of the Salesforce Platform to create intelligent, unified, cross-industry (B2B and B2C) loyalty programs to increase customer engagement and lifetime value. Here are its features and benefits.

Salesforce Loyalty Management Features & Benefits

1. Adaptable end-to-end platform allows flexible configuration, earning and redemption of rewards

Salesforce Loyalty Management gives you the maximum flexibility in building loyalty programmes that meet all your business needs, no matter which industry you’re in. The interface makes setting up programmes, tiers, benefits, points and currencies quick and easy. You can even evolve your offerings over time, as per popularity or trends, without having to rewrite code or update outdated back-end systems. Plus, you can always scale your business as and when your needs change with time.

2. Give your customers unique and personalized loyalty offerings

Salesforce Loyalty Management lets you pull in all your customer data such as website visits, interactions, purchase history etc. to create a unified view of customers. So you can figure out and target different segments of your member base to offer your consumers, customers or partners unique and thoroughly customized offerings as per your industry. For instance, in case of B2B manufacturers, they can offer a discount to their customers who attended a webinar or product training, to make them feel special and rewarded.

3. Delight your customers with more choices with Partner Management

Salesforce Loyalty Management allows you to give your customers more choices by incorporating partners in your loyalty program ecosystem. So your customers have the freedom to earn or redeem points not just while shopping with your brand, but also while purchasing your partner’s products or services as well.

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4. Integrate loyalty throughout your organization

The fact that Loyalty Management is linked with Salesforce Customer 360, Service Cloud, and Tableau, a unified customer picture is made possible. Customers can simply sign up for the loyalty programs through Salesforce Experience Cloud, while businesses can send customized content and notifications to customers with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Customer 360 audiences.

5. Measure your loyalty program’s performance

Your company can measure program performance, member acquisition and engagement, and partner performance in a simple dashboard, with Tableau CRM for loyalty management. With the changing business and customer needs, Loyalty Management allows organizations to determine the best path forward, to adjust their programs, offers and promotions, based on real-time data. An example would be, an e-commerce business detecting when their loyalty members aren’t using their points and offering them new incentives to redeem the points, reducing the company’s point liability.

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