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An Ultimate Buyer's Guide for CRM Software

A company thrives on customers. It’s fate and future lies in their hands. For it to be the paradigm of the ‘ideal company,’ all the factors related to the customers are pivotal. And that is why choosing the best CRM software is of paramount importance. Firstly, And if you are talking about CRM, it indicates that you have customers.

Lots of customers? Congratulations! Then you definitely need customer relationship management software. But the striking question is which one is the ultimate CRM for your business.

By managing customer relationships, tracking leads and organizing processes using data analytics, it focuses on improving sales growth. Primarily, it focuses on customer retention. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the ideal amalgamation of approaches, strategies, and tools, which has earned a sweet spot right up there on every company’s priority list. And why’s that, you ask? Well, what is a company’s most valuable asset?

And that brings us to our topic. Which CRM software would be a step in the right direction? We promise to break it down and make it easier for you to choose the best. Stick with us.

The main agenda behind designing CRM software is to help the business to deal with new and existing customers by building and maintaining relationships. CRM software is one easily accessible solution to help users manage sales, marketing, point-of-sale (POS) transactions, accounting and other operations since it evolves from a simple contact management system into a robust tool.

By storing key information to boost sales, CRM is used to maintain customer loyalty, follow up with prospects after identifying them as leads and nurture them through the sales pipeline. It provides excellent customer support by personalizing the experience. 

For effectively managing the inbound sales process, and measuring and reporting on sales success, it’s essential for delighting customers with positive ongoing relationships. That’s the reason why CRM has become an estimated $40 billion industry worldwide.

To manage the pipelines more efficiently, sales representatives need the help of Enterprise CRM software which ensures a seamless customer experience. Every business operates differently, so as choose your CRM software as per your requirement. We’ve outlined some key features and capabilities to look for, to help you narrow down your options and choose the right CRM software for your business.

How to Choose the Best CRM for Your Business

1. Ease of Use

Ease of use is going to be a huge factor to consider, depending on the complexity of your sales process and the technical acumen of your team. How complex your sales process is and how difficult the software will be to service, will be the deciding factor to determine the right CRM. To book deals and manage the sales pipelines, for sales representatives Enterprise CRM software is intended to be the home base. They’ll be less likely to use it properly if the tool is unmanageable, or difficult to navigate, — and your ROI will suffer due to less efficient work, and manhandling of data.

2. Integrations

To run effectively, your team may require various features of CRM software but Integration is one of the most critical. So, you should at least look for one that’s compatible with multiple systems.

For example, you’ll want to be able to pull that information into your CRM, if your team regularly uses ZenDesk for ticketing. And marketing teams should also easily connect to marketing platforms for better reporting and optimization, still, they don’t typically work within the CRM system.

3. Workflows and Approvals

To streamline your workflows and make lead and sales management much easier, choose Enterprise CRM wisely. From a deal comes into play to the customer signs the dotted line, the platform should be intuitive end-to-end. From tracking the status deal, answering common customer questions, any spreadsheets or transcriptions to approving discounts, Sales representatives should be able to easily access any of the databases. You should be able to record whatever your sales team has with leads and customers, within the CRM.

4. Reporting Capabilities

You can measure the success of your company and optimize your strategy, with accurate data and an effective reporting system. To organize, filter, analyze and report on that data, reporting capabilities of CRM is important. Choose a CRM with reporting features or integrations that meet your business goals. To track and measure specific questions and concerns, the reporting system will allow you to create custom fields.

5. Customization

In finding the right CRM software for your business, customization will be a critical consideration. As each business operates differently, similarly there are different CRM software solutions available in the market for different industries. Depending on your business requirements, you may need custom filters, fields and reporting capabilities. To follow your sales process within the CRM, decide the level of customization you’ll need.

6. Scalability

You should keep the futuristic view whenever taking any business decision and your enterprise CRM software is no exception. Choose the right CRM software that will grow with your business, by weighing your current business needs against your long-term goals.

Why do you need to consider Salesforce as one of the best CRM for your Business?

For almost two decades Salesforce has been in the game and gives them a competitive edge. Over the span, they have built an empire of CRM solutions on the cloud. To cover up the part where they are lagging like extravagant, excessive, and an unwanted expense, they have acquired companies over the past few years. When it comes to social selling and developing relationships as a part of sales, Salesforce is the best option, as it provides an excellent user interface.

The features which make Salesforce, best in the market:

1. Email marketing and utilities

We have received emails from various companies, be its coupon codes, offers, or discounts, and can’t deny that we have also been attracted by these offers. How much sketchy or unreliable it seems, end of the day an email has proven to be one of the best ways of marketing. But the crucial part of this email marketing is monitoring the metrics related like – links accessed, track of opened emails etc.

For this venture, Salesforce Cloud offers many features. It provides you with a set of template or gives you the ability to design your own. To encourage continuous engagement with content, they also offer excellent features like ‘email journeys’. Another great feature which makes Salesforce stand out is their FAQ platform. By using CRM data, they help us to serve the needs of the targeted audience more efficiently.

2. Business intelligence

In almost every other type of business software, Business intelligence (BI) tools are gaining popularity. To collect detailed data and monitor KPIs of the daily business operations, BI and business analytics enables their users. For the long term benefit of the enterprise, this data helps to make data-driven decisions. One prominent attribute of BI is custom reports.

Creating specialized reports can be vital for a variety of business intelligence operations, as many enterprises’ needs are not fulfilled via pre-built report templates, so custom report attribute of BI makes it more useful. To check the status of your business in a peek, with the status and reports, Salesforce introduces an amazing feature QlikView – it provides an almost non-existing reliance on IT for near real-time analysis with an easy user interface.

3. Marketing features

Until it launches “Marketing Cloud”, Salesforce was lagging in the marketing area. To connect with customers via voice messaging, triggered and transactional email, landing pages, integrated text messaging, and social media, Salesforce Marketing Cloud SaS technology provides organizations with a single platform. To help marketers organize, aggregate, and integrate the disparate vast amounts of data, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has developed the Interactive Marketing Hub. 

4. Knowledge Creation workflow

The internally and, as well as eternally accessed database which can be used as training information for staff and also can be used to provide information to users, is known as Knowledge creation. This data can be present in various forms like – videos, articles, posts, tutorials forums etc. By providing role-based access for its internal and external users, Salesforce Knowledge allows increased functionality. Users can create and manage articles or content by using this user-friendly knowledge base. Salesforce Knowledge offers QnA forums, FAQs, tutorial material, etc.

5. Device availability & outreach

Salesforce CRM offers English, Dutch, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish.  

The ultimate decision should be based on your requirements and needs, but consider the points given above and take into account those which reflect your necessities.


For seamless customer relationship management and sustained success – Evaluate your options carefully. From the moment a visitor becomes a sales-qualified lead to long beyond they become loyal customers, the key to effective sales management is a comprehensive, integrated CRM software. 

So, choose the best for you. Share your thoughts and feedback with us and get in touch!

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