When should you migrate to Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

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The path to success in business meets several roadblocks, like the usual sales and marketing issues, customer relations, production duties, technical aspects and so much more. Software development or maintenance and system administration also need a lot of critical resources, which create hurdles especially for midsize and enterprise companies.

This is when you need the Salesforce solution to overcome all your hardships. The solution includes multiple ecommerce solutions all tied together under the umbrella of ‘Salesforce Commerce Cloud’. Salesforce Commerce Cloud, as they themselves define it, “is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels — mobile, social, web, and store.”

Simply put, the idea is to help businesses with software service to take over the technical burdens of running their business. It will also help businesses with scaling their operations seamlessly, focusing more attention and resources towards the more important business aspects of marketing and sales.

Here are a few scenarios for when you need to consider migrating to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

1. Don’t have a big budget or want to save on your money?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is your cost effective option as it comes with a subscription-based model, where you don’t need to set up the entire Salesforce ecosystem. It lets you pay as per your business needs, only for the services you truly choose to use.

2. Want a flexible option that can be conveniently scaled as per the demand or traffic spikes?

One of the greatest benefits of Commerce Cloud is its elasticity, which makes it ideal for e-commerce. The flexibility of the cloud allows your business to quickly scale up your resources in response to unexpected or high traffic levels. It ensures that you cope with the traffic or demand spikes smoothly without any intervention.

3. Want a marketing solution included?

Another exciting feature of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is its marketing tools. You can leverage its awesome brand awareness, content creation, and brand marketing features to attract visitors and facilitate purchases online.

4. Would you prefer an enhanced mobile experience?

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you are entitled to a rich mobile experience in a one of a kind mobile friendly ecommerce platform. SFCC helps your digital strategy with embracing mobile commerce, ready to meet shoppers anywhere, on any device.

But mobile commerce isn’t just designing web pages for different screen sizes, it also involves inspiring, delighting, and ultimately converting mobile shoppers, and you get it all included in the solution.

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5. Would you like unique customizations true to your brand?

You can now enhance your customers’ shopping experience like never before. Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions offer modern sites that can be easily and quickly built and launched. You can conveniently customize your store with a comprehensive library of certified, prebuilt integrations, payment accelerators, loyalty programs, and more. Your site will also be characterized by seamless navigation, fast checkout, and multilingual and multicurrency functions to maximize conversions.

6. Want to integrate the power of AI to your business?

Powered by the best of Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce helps your online brand make the most out of invaluable merchandising insights, task automation, and personalized recommendations for every visitor.

7. Do you want to up your SEO game for better visibility?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions allow you to build unique, highly relevant, and engaging content across geographies and devices. You can also create delightful experiences for your shoppers with targeted content, offers, and products relevant as per the country, region, state, city, or language. It strongly helps create and nurture brand awareness, acceptance, recognition, and customer loyalty. Salesforce also helps you build products, images, URLs, and metadata, which are customized and powered to develop the best search engine optimization practices. Together, it helps boost your Search Engine Ranking for better visibility, reach and conversion.

8. Do you wish to boost your social media presence?

Leverage the best of multichannel advantage by extending the digital presence of your brand across Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes integrating brick-and-mortar stores with digital channels really convenient and rewarding.

9. Want to exceed customer expectations with excellent customer support?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud will provide you with round-the-clock support for all your customers. They assist you with the resolution of concerns, be it the correction of codes or the enhancement of security aspects, they make sure that your business runs smoothly 24×7.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud does it all for you business. Intelligence, experience, and operations are the three service categories of this platform that work seamlessly to power all the stages of cross-channel commerce. It makes shopping interactive, engaging, customized and enjoyable, across digital mediums. It’s multi-occupant architecture provides a big assurance to all your safety and reliability concerns. It helps you connect with your customers/potential customers at every stage of their buying journey, across store, web, mobile or social media channels. The cloud-based technology enables businesses to create personalized experiences for potential buyers, which helps them reach their ideal customers quickly and efficiently.

With the combination of innovative design, artificial intelligence and seamless multichannel integrations, the Commerce Cloud ecosystem streamlines the entire buying process. This is specially relevant, as the buying process is becoming increasingly complex, with prospects engaging with brands across multiple channels its essential for businesses to adapt. Today, a successful brand can no longer make it with simple marketing methods alone. Incorporating intelligent systems that can track and analyse users’ buying patterns and complex customer behaviour, is the only way to go.

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