Salesforce Generative AI And What It Means For Your Business

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“Generative AI will reshape how every team operates. Just like with the adoption of the Internet, generative AI represents a generational opportunity to raise the capabilities, skills, and potential of teams throughout the company” affirms Clara Shih, CEO Salesforce AI.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to a category of AI models that are designed and increasingly being adopted, to create fresh content, like text, images, videos, music, and even code. These models employ techniques like neural networks and deep learning algorithms to discern patterns within extensive datasets, to produce brand new outputs.

Considering incorporating generative AI into your business strategy? So are a whopping 67% of senior IT leaders, making it a top priority for the next 18 months. And why not? This rapidly growing technology, creating new content from existing data, is ruling the hearts and minds of professionals across marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and more.

Einstein GPT leverages generative AI to craft personalized content across all Salesforce clouds, enhancing productivity for employees and delivering superior customer experiences. Here’s how it helps your business across departments.

Salesforce Generative AI Assists Your Developers

1. Code Generation

Salesforce Generative AI simplifies software development. By training models on extensive code repositories, developers can create systems that generate functional code snippets, templates, or application frameworks. This accelerates development processes and frees up time to concentrate on the more strategic and creative aspects of application development.

2. Text Generation

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models can grasp and generate human-like text. Imagine GPT-4, an AI model capable of producing coherent responses to human inquiries and even crafting entire articles based on prompts.

3. Image & Video Generation

In the visual domain, generative AI models with computer vision skills can produce impressive images and videos. For example, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) generate original visual content from existing data or user input, useful for creating new fashion designs or realistic synthetic human faces. Developers can leverage this capability to enhance user experiences by automating the generation of visual elements for applications, resulting in dynamic and personalized visuals.

Salesforce Generative AI Significantly Benefits Your Marketing Department

1. Leveraging Trusted First-Party Data

As we near the phase out of third-party cookies, the importance of reliable customer data for generative AI in marketing cannot be overstated. A significant 63% of marketers see trustworthy customer data as not just beneficial but essential for generative AI, with an additional 31% considering it indispensable. Insights derived from accurate first-party data have transitioned from a secondary role to becoming the core of today’s business strategies.

Salesforce Generative AI has the power to uncover hidden patterns and provide valuable recommendations, enhancing efficiency. So, marketers can quickly extract answers to various questions related to customers, past content performance, future campaigns, ROI, and more, all from their unified first-party data.

2. Automated Content Generation

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing, and Salesforce Generative AI can be your content factory. Whether you need blog posts, articles, product descriptions, or social media updates, it can generate content efficiently and at scale. And it’s not just about quantity, it ensures that the content maintains top notch quality, adhering to your brand voice and style guidelines. This capability is particularly valuable when you have high-volume content needs or need to quickly adapt to emerging trends.

3. Hyper-Personalized Content Creation

Salesforce Generative AI takes personalization to the next level by scrutinizing individual customer behaviors and preferences. It analyzes data such as past purchase history, browsing habits, and engagement patterns to craft content that truly resonates. This could manifest in email subject lines tailored to individual interests, product recommendations aligned with specific purchase histories, and social media ads finely tuned to match users’ preferences. This hyper-targeting ensures that your marketing efforts are not only seen but also acted upon, resulting in significantly higher response rates and improved ROI on your campaigns.

Salesforce Generative AI Empowers Your Sales Team

1. Providing Virtual Assistants for Every Sales Rep

Salesforce Generative AI has the capability to serve as a virtual assistant, automating labor-intensive sales tasks like drafting emails, scheduling meetings, and preparing notes for upcoming interactions. By utilizing generative AI to summarize past customer engagements, your sales team can be well-informed of critical conversations, identifying upsell opportunities without compromising customer relationships.

2. Replacing Web-to-Lead Forms with Personalized Engagements

Salesforce Generative AI can rapidly generate personalized communications based on historical data and customer interactions, potentially rendering web-to-lead forms obsolete. This technology also aids in lead qualification and speedy responses to common customer inquiries. This customer-centric approach enables your company to strengthen existing relationships as well as attract new customers through seamless and tailored buying experiences.

3. Automating the Prospecting Process

Salesforce Generative AI has the capacity to enhance pipeline growth by crafting personalized emails aimed at engaging the most promising prospects. When coupled with predictive modelling capable of forecasting customer behavior, such as predicting product preferences, generative AI can revolutionize prospecting efforts from time-consuming and manual to streamlined and autonomous.

4. Streamline Prospecting Email Creation

With Salesforce Generative AI, your sales reps can efficiently research target companies and request draft prospecting emails, eliminating the time-consuming process of manual research and personalization.

5. Enhance Discovery with "Empathic AI"

Empathic AI tools can analyze speech patterns, volume, and body language during virtual sales calls, helping your salespeople better gauge prospect moods and steer conversations in the right direction based on subtle cues.

6. Real-Time Sales Presentation Improvement

Salesforce Generative AI can assist in creating tailored presentations quickly. And, emerging real-time coaching tools integrated into video conferencing platforms can evaluate live presentations and provide prospect-specific recommendations, ensuring effective communication.

7. Accelerate Data Analysis

Salesforce Generative AI serves as a personal data analyst, swiftly uncovering patterns and relationships within CRM data. It assists in identifying high-value deal opportunities and adapts to changing customer information in real time, optimizing your sales approach.

Salesforce Managed Service Experts

Salesforce Generative AI Revolutionizes eCommerce

1. Elevate Product Recommendations

Salesforce Generative AI enhances product recommendations, offering more nuanced and personalized experiences. It enables precise targeting and refined personalization without the need for individual models per customer. And, by incorporating user feedback, AI recommendations become smarter over time, resulting in higher conversions and increased customer satisfaction.

2. Effortless Product Discovery with Digital Concierges

Salesforce Generative AI allows digital concierges that aid shoppers in product discovery, replicating the in-store experience online. These digital assistants offer a comfortable, natural-language interaction, potentially fostering customer loyalty.

3. Boost Efficiency Across Roles

Salesforce Generative AI streamlines tasks for merchandisers, marketers, and eCommerce managers. It automates routine chores, such as creating product descriptions and promotions, and generates code to speed up innovation. And, AI provides insights and recommendations to help teams meet strategic objectives, from clearing inventory to boosting average order values.

4. Enhance Post-Purchase Operations

Salesforce Generative AI optimizes inventory management by fine-tuning product descriptions based on returns and reviews, mapping sustainable delivery routes, and analyzing shipping data for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

5. Strengthen Fraud Detection

AI’s predictive capabilities improve fraud detection by learning from evolving scammer tactics. It aids in targeting malicious activity while minimizing disruptions to legitimate purchases, addressing the significant issue.

Salesforce Generative AI Enhances Customer Service

1. Empowering Supercharged Chatbots

By incorporating Salesforce Generative AI into the existing Einstein capabilities, customer service can benefit from highly advanced chatbots. These chatbots are capable of autonomously generating more intelligent and personalized responses, effectively understanding, predicting, and addressing customer inquiries with precision. This advancement leads to improved first-time resolution rates. Furthermore, Salesforce Generative AI utilizes customer resolution data to analyze conversation sentiments and patterns, enabling service organizations to continuously enhance their operations, identify trends, and even expedite bot training and updates.

2. Automated Generation of Knowledge Articles

Salesforce Generative AI will soon be used for the creation of knowledge articles in the near future. These articles will not only be based on case notes but also on Slack conversations, messaging history, and data sourced from Customer 360. This strategy aims to expedite agent case resolution and shift a larger portion of support cases toward self-service experiences. This shift will significantly alleviate the workload on call centres and service agents.

3. Streamlined Case Swarming

Many service teams have already adopted the practice of case swarming, where agents collaborate with experts across their organization to resolve complex cases or significant incidents. Imagine how much more efficient this process could become if insights from previous case swarms could be shared and applied more broadly. Salesforce Generative AI will soon be utilized to identify similar past cases, pinpoint individuals within the organization with the most relevant skills to address the issue, and suggest resolutions and customer communication strategies to expedite and, in some cases, automate various aspects of the case swarm.

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