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How You Build Rapport with Salesforce Multilingual Communities

Multi-national companies have addressed connecting to their Clients and Prospects in multilingual ways for years.  But it’s important to understand that all companies, B2B and B2C, can benefit by communicating with their customers in their native language, this builds rapport and increases Customer Satisfaction.

Since customers are the foundation of your success, building better relationships, and understanding customer issues is vitally important. The more personalized your interactions, the better, and Salesforce understands the importance of this.  They’ve built multilanguage support directly into their Community product.

Benefits You Get With Multilingual Communities:

Improve Engagement

Customers are far more likely to interact with you in meaningful, content-rich ways in their native language.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more comfortable when you interact in their native language. Fast native-quality communication paves the way for a smoother customer journey — and higher CSAT scores.

Unleash your team’s potential

Your agents already have the support skills and knowledge about your products and services. Enabling multiple languages in Salesforce lets them interact with a broader range of clients and allows you to expand into new markets without hiring having to hire an entirely new department of support personnel fluent in each native language.

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Salesforce Multilingual Community

Using the Salesforce Experience Builder, you can create different language versions of your Community to serve separate international audiences. For example, if you have customers in both Spain and Canada. You can deliver the same Community experience to each in the language appropriate for their region.

The magic of Experience builder is that when you create a multilingual community, you don’t create a separate community for each language, you add your translated content to the properties of each component.

There are three (3) ways to do this:

  • Experience Builder provides a built-in translate tool
  • You can supply the language content yourself if someone on your team is multilingual, or you can use a third-party translation service,
  • You can use the Google Translation API to translate posts, questions, polls, and their comments, answers, and replies in real-time.
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If you plan on using pre-translated content, select the built-in language menu, switch to each select language when editing the component properties. Now paste in the translated content for each component. Do this for each language you will offer. It’s that easy!

Real-time translation is available with the Google Cloud Translation API. This API allows Salesforce Community to translate your posts, questions, and polls instantly. It also translates your customers’ comments, answers, and replies.

For Community members, the default language comes from the locale set in their profile, and for guest users, this information comes from the location set in the user’s browser.

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NOTE 1: This functionality requires the Lightning UI

NOTE 2: Google Cloud Translation is a subscription service. For pricing information, refer to the links at the end of the Blog.

Quick steps to creating a Multilingual community:

  1. Set the default language for your Community.
  2. Add languages to the Community.
  3. Set the “Options” for each language, such as the display label and fallback language.
  4. Export, then prepare your content for translation.
  5. Import the translated content.
  6. If you have used the Google Translation service, select the Translate with Google option.
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7. Add a Language Selector component to your community pages, so unauthenticated community users can choose their preferred language.

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