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Do you wish to automate processes to save time on repetitive tasks, improve productivity and get rid of unwanted errors that creep in with manual data entry?

Would you want to avoid the hassles of toggling between systems and access data from multiple sources in a quick unified view?

Are you looking for a clinical view of collected data insights, in the form of accurate dashboards and reports to help you make better informed decisions?

If yes, Integrating Salesforce with your business tech stack read ERP, Payment Gateways, Databases is the ideal solution for you, and we have got you covered.

What is Salesforce integration?

Salesforce integration is basically the process of bringing two (or more) systems together, to facilitate the streamlining of separate processes. This merging of data and functionality of Salesforce with another application allows you to work on a centralized platform, with an unified experience.

Salesforce CRM and Cloud instances can be integrated to each other or to other enterprise systems, like ERP or SaaS applications. With an API-led integration, Salesforce’s data can fuel analytics to help reduce inefficiencies, and the insights facilitate better decision making.

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Why do you need it? What are the advantages of Salesforce Integration?

Not putting your data to proper use by letting blind spots mar your decisions is a real spoiler. Having Salesforce CRM is your tech stack gives you the advantage of getting a unified view of the whole business, courtesy of its ability to integrate with any third-party platform you use.

There are multiple advantages of getting your Salesforce integrated with platforms of your choice.

  • Making Salesforce as the single point of view for your business operations.
  • Cutting down the time of toggling between two applications to generate reports.
  • Salesforce has a great functionality to generate reports. No matter what the source of data is, forecasting is made easy with Salesforce Integration in place.
  • Teams can get the best of both platforms. Example with a Salesforce Avalara Integration in place, calculation of taxes is automated and easily accessed to both he Sales and Accounting teams.
  • With most of the business process automated, your resources are put to best use instead of spending time on optimizing the data processes.

In this digital era, we constantly need to improve our efficiency and our customers’ experience, to stay relevant. Which needs multiple systems for multiple features and benefits. But, if we let them work in isolation, we would need to spend too much time and effort toggling from one system to another.

Also, the same data would be required to be entered manually, multiple times for each system. Not only is it tedious and wastes time, but also carries the risk of getting plagued with unwanted errors, inevitable with manual jobs. The integration helps you get rid of these inconveniences by automating the process.

So, you not only save time and effort, but also get accurate data drawn from across systems, in a unified view.

You can further leverage these insights to better understand your business for smarter decisions and better customer service.

Why should you consider us for your Salesforce Integration project?

We are ETG Digital, an IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization that partners with Salesforce to transform clients’ business ecosystems. We are  a Crest Level Salesforce Partner which makes us amongst the top 8% of the partner ecosystem around the world. Headquartered in Plano, Texas and with our development teams spread across India, Canada, UK, UAE and Australia, ETG Digital gives clients who engage with us a unique advantage of being flexible and cost effective in delivering custom Salesforce solutions.

We are one of the fastest growing Salesforce partners and have been delivering world-class Salesforce implementation and integration services to a global client base, since more than two decades now.Our certified experts are experienced with all the know-how of diverse tools, techniques, and best practices, essential for an efficient Salesforce integration.

We help mitigate the risks of data loss and business disruptions during the integration process, by ensuring that your data is clean and well synchronized with your systems, and your procedures and workflows are automated for a better user experience. Our client-focused offerings, at cost effective pricings, paired with fast TAT, makes us the best choice for an effortless CRM integration that truly realises its potential.

What are the Salesforce integration benefits we offer, that set us apart?


We provide strategic front-end planning and one-stop-shop accountability, to save our clients from costly and time-consuming re-dos or multiple consultants.

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In-Depth Business Consulting

In-Depth Business Consulting:

Keeping your goals in mind, we review your KPIs and current market trends to plan your personalized, step by step project roadmap.

Sales, Service, & Marketing Automation:

Our experts help businesses leverage Salesforce technologies for stronger sales strategies, streamlined real-time insights, and improved sales reps’ efficiency, for increased revenue and profitability, while reducing overall costs.

We provide organizations with a roadmap to align customer-centric strategies with Salesforce’s best-in-class technologies, to nurture long-term relationships and improve the customer service experience.

We also design ideal journeys for your prospects, leads, and clients, with Marketing Cloud, to improve nurturing, lead flow, upselling, cross-selling, and increase ROI.

Marketing Automation
Top Talents

Top Talents:

We are a package of experts, comprising of Salesforce Administrators, Consultants, Solution Architects, App Developers, Implementation Engineers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and more. You do not even need to hire in-house employees to fill any skills and specialties gap.

Proactive Support:

We partner with you to align our support services with your business needs. Our Managed Services team believes in resolving problems before they can impact your business.

Proactive Support
24x7 Support

24x7 support:

Rest assured with our 24-hour support service with customized holiday overflow options to augment your busy seasons.

Change Management Services:

With each Salesforce release cycle, we’ll be assisting you with updating your Salesforce org and consult and train you on feature prioritization, adoption, and change management.

Management Services
Salesforce Services

Affordable, Cost Effective Salesforce Services:

With our flexible engagement models, you will be able to extend your team to meet all your Salesforce requirements at a much lower cost, as compared to the amount required for bearing an in-house team. You also save a lot of time avoiding the lengthy recruitment process.


We take pride in the flexibility we offer our clients on our service models. When you choose a model suitable for your needs, you also have the liberty to measure, optimize and tweak the service model as per your unique engagement needs. And, all this without overheads, unlike our competitors!



Our Salesforce Managed Services team is up-to-date on the latest compliance standards and cybersecurity protocols. We work with your organization to make sure that all of our services and products meet or exceed your security and encryption requirements. Also, you own the source code developed and Intellectual Property Rights of the development work we do for you under our agreement.


Our customised Salesforce integration procedure involves the following steps:


We begin with a thorough understanding of your business processes, strategies, pain points and expectations. We also identify if there is a need for customized application integration beyond the software, cloud services or any other third-party application integration with Salesforce.


Once we have learnt all about your needs and procedures, we will go on to prepare specifications & implementation strategies, to ensure that a suitable Salesforce environment is ready for your Salesforce integration. Building objects, dashboards, fields, or automating processes will also be undertaken, if necessary.


We then execute the integration based on the strategy we devised, by either utilizing integration tools like Jitterbit, BizTalk, Boomi, etc., or by writing custom integrations with API calls.


Next, we will collect, prepare, and migrate your data, ensuring a seamless data flow between your Salesforce and the other integrated application.


The process doesn’t get completed until we monitor, test, and review the systems to identify errors, if any.


We’ll also train your team so they’re capable of managing their newly built system and make future changes, so you get the most out of your investment.

Maintenance & Support

Our job doesn’t end here either. With us, you get ongoing maintenance & support services, so your system keeps carrying its peak performance throughout.

Delivery Model Managed Services

What are the different approaches towards a Salesforce Integrations?

Our Salesforce Service Delivery Models are designed to produce high quality solutions with a clear focus on increasing ROI and reducing service delivery costs. And, to achieve this our onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are complimented by our Offshore Salesforce Development Team of consultants and developers, ensuring the ideal solution with fast TOT. This hybrid model makes way for flexibility and scalability to not just meet, but exceed customer’s requirements and expectations.

Onsite, Offshore, or Hybrid, no matter what your preference is, all our models are flexible, can be measured and tweaked as per your needs. There are no overheads and you own the source code developed and Intellectual Property Rights of the development work we do for you under our agreement.

Here are the Salesforce integration solutions we offer:

Third-Party Applications Integration

Calendar & Email Integration (Microsoft, Google etc.)

ITSM Integration (Service Now, JIRA etc.)

Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay etc.)

Chatbot Integration

CTI Integration

eCommerce Integration (Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento etc.)

Salesforce Database Integration (MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Teradata etc.)

Social Media Integration (LinkedIn, Chatter etc.)

Collaboration Tools & Platforms Integration (Forecast, Seismic, Speakap etc.)

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