ETG Helps You Provide the Best Salesforce Service Cloud Services Ever

ETG optimizes the world’s service platform #1 by tailoring it to your business needs and customizing it to meet the needs of your clients. When we implement Salesforce Service Cloud, we take the time to learn about your needs, then we tailor the Service Cloud implementation to streamline every process – so you save time and effort, and your customers get amazing and referral-earning, repeat-business-worthy customer service!

From Customers to Evangelists! We help transform your customers into brand evangelists. With ETG at your side, you’ll deliver a great service experience that gains referrals and repeat business.

We’ll upgrade you from any platform to Service Cloud: We have years of experience migrating clients from a wide range of systems, and many from no system at all! ETG is here to help you at every step.

Integration with Community Cloud: A great way to further improve customer satisfaction is to have ETG integrate Service Cloud with Community Cloud, providing an online Portal for your customers to interact with other customers and share additional feedback.

ETG will Transform your Service Dept. from a “Cost Center” to a “Revenue Center” : Service Cloud adds a huge array of features that reduce the effort and time to assist your clients. This efficiency lets you do more with less staff. ETG further optimizes your team with workflows, automation, and customizations that allow time to upsell services and promote additional options.

Einstein Analytics for Proactive Support: ETG takes full advantage of the latest Einstein Analytics features built into Service Cloud to assist your service team in making smarter and better support decisions, and by taking preemptive measures to manage support issues proactively.

Customer Service

With ETG, you’ll gain the needed “360-view” of your clients and the best ROI on your Salesforce investment.

  • ETG starts every project by listening to your needs, then we define and deliver a customer service process fine-tuned to your business needs
  • We make certain to maximize every feature of Service Cloud
  • With ETG, we ensure that you get the most out of your Salesforce investment

Your agents will gain insights to understand their customers better, and they have AI-powered predictions and recommendations to keep them proactive. etg provides a tailored implementation of Service Cloud, with every screen and dashboard customized to your teams’ needs. We also integrate all other Salesforce products and third-party applications whenever needed.

Get MOST out of Salesforce Service Cloud by ETG!