The Complete Guide to Salesforce Contivio Integration

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Contivio is a cloud-based communication platform or contact center software that integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce to provide a comprehensive customer engagement solution. This lets businesses continue using their existing CRM system while taking advantage of the powerful communication features provided by Contivio. It allows businesses to manage their customer interactions across multiple channels like email, chat, voice, and social media. Its features including call routing, call recording, automatic call logging, and real-time reporting help businesses manage their customer interactions more efficiently, improving agent productivity and customer service.

Salesforce Contivio Integration Benefits

1. Increased Productivity

By integrating Contivio with Salesforce, your agents can multitask, since the need to switch between different applications and tools is now reduced. This integration provides several benefits, such as a unified interface to manage communication across phone, chat, email etc., streamlined workflows, real-time data capture, and tracking of customer interactions. Automated workflows such as call routing and logging, can free up agents’ time allowing them to focus on their essential tasks. The integration also supports multiple communication channels, allowing agents to manage various interactions simultaneously, leading to improved productivity and workload management.

2. Improved Customer Service Levels

The integration of Salesforce and Contivio leads to increased service levels through better handling of customer inquiries with the seamless transfer of live chats to the most skilled agents. Contivio automatically routes chats to agents based on their skills and availability, reducing wait times, to make sure that customers receive efficient support. Additionally, agents have access to real-time customer interaction history to help them provide personalized service for enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Simplified Staff Management

The integration helps with the management of staff priorities and skills across teams, queues, channels, and campaigns, by optimizing workforce management to ensure that the right staff is available to handle the right requirement. In addition, Contivio offers an intuitive and customizable admin experience. So, administrators can modify the look and feel of the Live Chat Widget and Chatbots, providing a more personalized experience for customers. They may also run ad-hoc reports and adjust queue settings on the go, allowing them to make quick and informed decisions.

Salesforce Managed Service Experts

4. Efficient Debt Collection Campaigns

The integration can help with debt collection, making the efforts more efficient and effective. You can run debt collection campaigns directly from Salesforce and take advantage of broadcast campaigns triggered on the CRM.

5. Shortened Sales Cycles

Contivio’s integration with Salesforce shortens sales cycles by triggering an automatic call back from an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) interaction. This connects customers with the appropriate sales representative more quickly and efficiently, potentially leading to faster sales. Furthermore, sales representatives are provided with real-time information about the customer, enabling them to provide personalized service in order to close the sale quickly and efficiently.

6. Configurable Sales Cadences

The integration provides configurable sales cadences that allows your organization to maintain control and drive agent productivity. This feature helps ensure that agents are consistently following up with prospects and customers during sales campaigns and customer service follow-ups, improving outcomes and reducing the likelihood of missed opportunities. They can also define specific follow-up tasks and actions for each step of the sales process. This includes sending emails, making phone calls, and scheduling appointments. Agents handling both inbound and outbound media can rely on ‘Disposition Drive Cadences’ to automate their follow-ups. So, when a specific call disposition is selected, a predetermined follow-up task will automatically be scheduled in Salesforce, or the call will reload within the dialer. This helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks during the sales process. Plus, by automating follow-up tasks, agents can focus on higher-value activities, such as interacting with customers and prospects. This goes a long way in improving agent productivity, while reducing the administrative burden.

7. Proactive Lead Nurturing

The integration makes responding to hot leads within seconds possible with real-time automation. It ensures that you never miss a sale, by instantly responding to leads with automated web forms, live chatbots, SMS, and voice workflows across all devices. Also, Salesforce lists will sync to the Contivio Dialer in real-time, offering you the flexibility to run dialer campaigns via categories, priorities and territories. Plus, all interactions will be pushed to your Salesforce on-demand for enhanced transparency.

What are the different methods to integrate Salesforce with Contivio?

The method you choose for integrating Salesforce with Contivio depends on multiple factors like, your business needs, technical requirements, and available resources. Here are your options:

  • Standard– The standard integration method involves the utilization of the integration features provided by both Salesforce and Contivio. It requires the configuration of integration settings within both systems, mapping fields, and the establishment of call routing features.
  • Custom– The custom integration approach entails the development of custom code or the usage of third-party tools to establish the integration between Salesforce and Contivio. It is typically utilized when the standard integration features fail to satisfy specific requirements.
  • Salesforce API– Utilizing the Salesforce API allows for integration with Contivio, enabling the synchronization of customer data between both systems. This approach offers a significant level of flexibility and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of any business.
  • Middleware– The utilization of middleware tools, such as Zapier, Jitterbit etc. enables the integration of Salesforce with Contivio. This approach streamlines the integration process and offers a user-friendly interface for mapping fields and configuring call routing features.

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