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To respond to the after-effects of COVID-19, companies across the globe have to rethink their operating models. Salesforce was no different. To support customer needs, they launched products like and Vaccine Cloud. Leading with empathy and reoriented their philanthropy, Salesforce immediately tuned up with the ongoing scenario.

“We have had to aggressively deliver a new philanthropy model…we had a new event model…and we had to create a whole new operating model for ourselves.”
“This is a new world. We are reimagining how the future works, together.” 
– Marc Benioff, CEO and Chair, Salesforce

The future will belong to the innovative companies that can embrace employees, communities, and the planet. For Salesforce, trust is the foundation of their growth. To keep this legacy going, Salesforce is launching Cloud 3.0 for achieving greater equality and sustainability.

What Is Salesforce Cloud 3.0?

It is clear we are not going back to the way it was – it is destiny. The meeting will be video conferencing, commerce slides in eCommerce and remote working is new normalcy. Digital-First world is not the future – it is our present, and without any doubt, it is powering the Cloud’s evolution.


In the last two decades, we witnessed the two evolution of Cloud – Cloud 1.0 & Cloud 2.0. The former showed How enterprise software could be delivered through an internet browser, and the latter redefined the software world with social networks and mobile devices. The new one – Cloud 3.0 is taking shape – with Slack and Zoom, and of course Salesforce, we can work and collaborate from anywhere.

Evolution of Cloud

Salesforce is focusing on delivering the operating system for Cloud 3.0 by transforming Customer 360. To work from anywhere or do business from anywhere, companies need an end-to-end operating system. To move beyond the pandemic and back to the same pace as before, Organizations need to do business from anywhere – maybe through online meets. To do commerce from anywhere and be agile enough to continue the rapid pace of digital transformation, they need an operating system that enables them.

Hyperforce is one of the most exciting new developments at Salesforce in the past 20 years. We’ve completely re architected Salesforce to run on the public Cloud. This is a big change for us. But what’s more important is what it does for all of you – we can meet your customers where they are. And on top of Hyperforce, we built the single source of truth.

– Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer, described how Salesforce had evolved the Customer 360 platform for Cloud 3.0 with Hyperforce

Salesforce Customer 360 connects all your data, apps, and devices to create a single source irrespective of the fact that you are a B2B company with thousands of customers or a B2C company with hundreds of millions of customers. Every customer experience can be personalized with Einstein AI – whether it’s an email or the products or a chatbot session. 

Slack which Salesforce acquires can be your HQ in the digital-first work environment. Slack is a platform to accelerate productivity and growth, whether it is a flexible or distributed work environment.

Salesforce Chair and CEO Marc Benioff and President and COO Bret Taylor spoke at the Salesforce FutureWorks World Tour Kickoff and shared their vision of the future – how our products, people, and perspectives will help customers build trust with their customers, work from anywhere and drive growth.

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