Salesforce Vaccine Cloud Scales the Global Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccine

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From remote work to contact tracing, public outreach, digital services, returning to work, and vaccine management, all the industry leaders have rolled out new products during each leg of the crisis. COVID -19 has forced all companies to make organization-wide changes. In the past few days, focusing on administering vaccine management, Salesforce has announced a bundle of software tools for healthcare organizations and governments.

“The biggest challenge the world faces right now is orchestrating the distribution of billions of vaccine doses,”
“Technology can play a critical role in ensuring it’s done efficiently, effectively, and equitably. We’re proud to be supporting organizations through their recovery and helping to protect people from the effects of COVID-19.”

Bret Taylor, President, and COO of Salesforce.

To help government agencies, healthcare organizations, businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions, Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has announced Vaccine Cloud, which enables to manage and deploy vaccine programs more rapidly, safely, and efficiently.

Every country, state, and the city is rapidly establishing vaccination programs as the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines are available, and everyone across the globe is getting ready to get shots. To handle this colossal drive, healthcare organizations need advanced technology infrastructure, including logistics and inventory management, scheduling and registering people for vaccination, monitoring the outcome of the vaccine, and reaching every corner of every state and country.

But the main challenge is that many govt bodies do not have the advanced infrastructure to handle the complexity, speed, and scale necessary for the vaccination drive. To help manage this mass vaccination effort, Governments are also partnering with private sector companies. And without any doubt, to deliver safe, efficient, and effective vaccine administrations and programs, these organizations need an advanced technology infrastructure.

As global governments are moving quickly toward administering safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination drive, Salesforce took the initiative to launch a strategic technology –  Vaccine Cloud – to better manage vaccine administration and management.

What is Salesforce Vaccine Cloud?

In last May 2020, Salesforce’s commitment to developing a strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic was highlighted as they roll out a website and application designed to help communities and businesses It allows organizations and businesses to manage new employee wellness programs after re-opening the work environment by enabling them to track, monitor, distribute, and measure their vaccine administration programs. 

To help customers respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the result of Salesforce’s efforts is Vaccine Cloud. Vaccine Cloud will replace for Vaccines to serve both government and private business, and it is a part of Salesforce’s vaccine administration solutions. To expand the availability of much-needed global vaccine management and administration solutions, Salesforce apps such as Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Digital Engagement, Tableau, etc. – all will work together.

Why do we need Vaccine Cloud?

Vaccine Cloud includes vaccine inventory management, appointment scheduling, outcome monitoring, public health outreach, and more. It is part of Salesforce’s COVID-19 response technology solutions.

Last year in May, to help companies manage employee safety and remote work, Salesforce released the platform. In September, to help agencies design their inventory management programs, online pre-screenings, appointment scheduling, public outreach, outcome monitoring, and surveys launched a set of Vaccine management tools. But with tools that the company launched last year, Vaccine Cloud has a lot of overlaps.

According to a news release, all the Salesforce Customer 360 platform tools are repackaged with Vaccine Cloud. To track progress with vaccinating, it gives data and analytics by consolidating related data from disparate systems to govt agencies. Vaccine cloud can help in scheduling vaccine appointments and lets people share their vaccination or health status to join the mainstream who are coming out to resume their daily routine like earlier. Vaccine cloud can deal with payment, Communication, staff training, and inventory for healthcare providers.

How Vaccine Cloud Securely Manage Vaccine Administration at Scale

On the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, which includes mobility solutions, bots, analytics, and integration capabilities, to build and manage vaccine programs at scale quickly, Vaccine Cloud helps governments, healthcare organizations, businesses, and non-profits around the world design.

  • Govt Agencies: Vaccine Cloud enables Government agencies and public health agencies to maximize their program effectiveness by monitoring their vaccination progress with data and insights. This includes making data-driven decisions based on community health needs and risk factors, monitoring patient outcomes, and securing enough doses. Vaccine Cloud ensures that vaccine data is managed and tracked in one place. By integrating with the vaccine cloud, these agencies can bring data from all relevant systems together within the platform.
  • Healthcare organizations: The vaccination process includes – inventory management, staff training, and education, and payment and reimbursement process, and to streamline this whole workflow, Healthcare provider organizations can use Vaccine Cloud. The method also includes some external communications like – a reminder to come in for a second dose or notification to schedule an initial shot – which Vaccines Clous can also handle without any flaws. It is built on Salesforce. Vaccine Cloud is efficient, safe, and accessible anywhere, so providers can manage millions of patients across hundreds of sites and care locations using this unified platform.
  • Other Business owners: Vaccine Cloud can help Businesses, personnel, retailers, customers, and residents to simplified the registration and appointment scheduling process. Businesses, personnel, retailers, customers, and residents have to address few more concerns related to vaccination like – worries about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, knowledge about available vaccines, a reminder to come in for their second shot if needed, accessibility of the vaccination center, monitoring outcome after vaccination and regular follow up of the whole process. This vaccination drive helps sports fans back to stadiums safely, concertgoers back to music venues, and employees back to offices. And Vaccine Cloud will let people share their vaccination or health status.

“Our cloud-based AllVax system enables us to shield our community and employees from some of the difficult logistical pieces of the vaccination process to focus and execute on our core mission – promoting the health and well-being of all who live, work, and play in Lake County,”

Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit,
Director of Health Informatics and Technology
of the Lake County Health Department in Illinois.

To scale vaccine programs for government, healthcare organizations, and non-profits worldwide, Salesforce partners extend Vaccine Cloud’s power. To help organizations accelerate their vaccine management programs, Salesforce Strategic partners leverage the Vaccine Cloud Solutions with the help of their in-depth industry knowledge and tested solutions.

To better navigate the complexities, speed, and scale necessary for vaccine administration, let our ETG experts help you integrate Salesforce Vaccine Cloud to help your organization. Our services include a customer 360 platform, bots, mobility solutions, integration capabilities, and analytics.

Click here to get in touch with our expert team and learn more about the ways Salesforce Vaccine Cloud helps develop responsive and effective vaccine programs.

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