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Virtually overnight, eCommerce became the #1 most critical sales platform

Brick and mortar stores practically shut down, thanks to the social distancing precautions, and other businesses from restaurants to retailers shifted from a walk-in shop & buy model to an online shopping experience only.

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2020 was on track to be the year that mobile eCommerce became more popular than the online desktop sales. Then, in a few weeks, all predictions were shredded, obliterated, and tossed out the window. 2020 is already the year that mobile online sales overtook desktop sales.

With this massive increase in demand, cracks are appearing in many eCommerce sites. And now that more customers have experienced online shopping, your eCommerce platform needs to be the #1 focus for your sales model. It needs to be stable, fast, friendly, and most-of-all, mobile.

At ETG, we're eCommerce specialists. Problem Solvers.

Customers contact us to optimize and stabilize their eCommerce systems. The new workloads, demands, and expectations from their clients have them reeling and needing a more robust solution. Sometimes this means modifying what they have; other times, it’s an opportunity to migrate to a more flexible platform. Remember, mobile is the #1 online sales platform, and IoT is pushing its way into prominence. You need to connect with your clients through just about ANY internet-connected device that exists.

That's why Headless Commerce Architecture and specifically Salesforce SFRA is so vital

You need to be up-to-speed on all this technology and so much more.
I’ve assembled information on the new technology paradigms and packed years of experience and consulting, along with ETG’s most effective eCommerce recommendations into a Whitepaper: Commerce Cloud and eCommerce Platform Optimizations. It’s filled with helpful, no-nonsense suggestions you can implement yourself.

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We here at ETG have taken a “pay-it-forward” approach to earning your Managed Services, Integration, and System Implementation business. By providing this valuable information at no charge, we are saving you a massive amount of money. We hope this “pay-it-forward” approach earns your respect, and that you’ll ask ETG to step in and enhance and upgrade your eCommerce systems.

About ETG Digital

ETG is a Crest Level Salesforce Partner headquartered in Plano, Texas. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a global delivery center in Hyderabad, India. We have dedicated teams of professionals spanning continents located in US, Canada, UAE, UK, Australia and India. Our ability to maintain talent hubs in multiple locations and working on projects for clients from various domains gives us a very unique advantage. An advantage to leverage proven technologies like Salesforce Commerce, Sales, Service, Partner and Marketing Clouds and using them to deliver tailor made solutions for clients to suit their business requirements.

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