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To consolidate and organize customer data like contact information, account information, and others, a business of any size can use CRM. CRMs are capable of fetching information from various channels – websites, social platforms, and other sources and can store those into a central location.

The multiple departments of the organization like sales, marketing, service, and others can use that collected information. To make well-informed decisions and achieve their business goals, organizational employees need to access that information. Today one of the most used and popular one is Salesforce, whereas several CRM solutions are available in the market. 

Salesforce provides highly customizable cloud-based services and CRM solutions. Salesforce Service Cloud is recommended for continuously and rapidly growing organizations and enterprises. Today we will dig deep to know about Salesforce service cloud and its benefits for the organizations.

Now let’s understand what Salesforce Service Cloud is and what services it has to offer.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

To give you a 360-degree view of your customers, Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Salesforce offers Service Cloud as SaaS which enables you to deliver smarter, faster and more personalized service. You can create a connected knowledge base, enable live agent chat, and manage case interactions even up-sell your products / services based on his/her past activity data by personalizing customer interactions – all at one platform with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Salesforce Service Cloud helps to make customer support quick and efficient.

45% – increase in customer retention
47% – increase in agent productivity
31% – faster case resolution

Service Cloud support customer service agents and helps users to streamline workflows, automate service processes, and find key articles, topics. It enables users to enhance one-to-one marketing relationships, across multiple channels and devices, with every customer.

Service Cloud can automatically route cases to the appropriate agent, by responding to customers across a variety of social platforms. Social customer service is integrated with Salesforce Customer Success Platform to gather a comprehensive picture of the customer. The service for Apps acts as the solution for the thriving demand of embedding customer support software into applications. To provide more communication channels for agents and customers, like on-screen guided assistance, screen sharing or live agent video chat, In-app mobile software is integrated with Salesforce Community Cloud.

According to Salesforce, the world’s top-ranking customer service platform is Service Cloud.

Main features of Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce lists key features for the Service Cloud platform:

1. Managing Cases

To multiple support requests through multiple channels, Salesforce has created a way for agents to respond by unifying the agent experience into one platform. With Service Cloud, Cases can be managed on both desktop and mobile devices and agents can juggle them at once.

By introducing console, primary case management interface, Salesforce has decreased the amount of clicking and scrolling while finding, updating, and creating new records. By putting as much information of how your customers are feeling on a day-to-day basis as possible onto one page, you’ll get an overall idea with a single glance. And when lists or records are changed by other agents on your team, you can even see visual indicators that update in real-time.

2. Creating Knowledge Bases

Within their companies, Agents are able to create and manage knowledge bases which Salesforce calls “articles”. When agents are looking for the answers to infrequent questions asked by customers, these articles can be an excellent resource. To allow administrators to control article visibility, you can create separate article types and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your knowledge base categorize articles as pr requirements. For example, some articles may be accessible to both agents and end-users and some may be agents-only.

3. Collaborating With Agents

It is impossible to know all the answers – agents are no different. To quickly solicit advice and feedback from colleagues, Salesforce platform introducing a way for agents and Service Cloud capitalizes on this. 

To escalate cases to experts who have experience managing similar situations, agents are using “Chatters”, a Salesforce service cloud feature. It is easy to integrate the solution into your existing Chatter feed as Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce1 Platform. 

You can communicate with colleagues in real-time from your desktop or mobile device, and instantly you can hand off specific cases to experts within your department or ask for advice on how to handle difficult situations.

What is Salesforce1 platform?

Salesforce1 is a new social, mobile and cloud customer platform built to transform sales, service and marketing apps for the Internet of Customers. As the pioneer of enterprise cloud computing, is launching the next generation of the world’s #1 cloud platform, Salesforce1, for the new connected world. Now every company can connect with customers in a whole new way.

4. Enabling Self-Support

Without relying on the help of a dedicated company agent, customers can find the answers to their own questions, using Service Cloud Communities. Self-service tools make it easy to ask for help from other users and troubleshoot within a supportive community, regardless of the fact, customer is using which device. 

Enabling Service Cloud Communities will lead to adding support tabs to your apps, social media pages, and mobile websites. Without submitting a ticket to one of your agents, customers can find answers to their questions by browsing articles and community posts through these support tabs. Service Cloud monitors all precisely, the unresolved inquiries are automatically flagged for follow-up by an agent on your team.

5. Mobilizing Customer Service

The companies can offer immediate service and support to their customers through any mobile device by using this feature. Customers can browse for the right product, watch demonstration videos and get answers to their questions using apps or mobile sites. Customers can often start chat sessions with agents from inside the mobile app, if still they’ve questions even after using Service Cloud’s self-service mobile tools. As a company service manager, through your own mobile device, you can also track agent productivity levels and customer satisfaction at any time.

Comparison of competitors based on the features available for salesforce service cloud:

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud can offer a number of benefits to its subscribers. Some of them are:

To provide better customer service, Salesforce Service Cloud is offering an efficient and improved way for customer interaction.

Salesforce Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud

The customers have the option to choose between the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud modules when they are enrolling with Salesforce products. It seems that between these two modules, there is considerable overlap. Salesforce Service Cloud is coming with some add on features over Sales cloud like features for service-oriented businesses with higher support process demands.

Business Scenario:

To solve customer’s query Salesforce Service Cloud is mostly used. The high demanded features are – customer service automation (e.g. escalation rules, assignment rules), Web-to-case, Public Knowledge Base, Call Center, and the Self-Service Portal. By referring to the knowledge articles, it helps to solve the customer’s query easily. Salesforce Service Cloud acts both ways – it provides you tool to render a better customer experience for the clients and on the other hand provides Customer Support to the Clients.

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