Re-Launch to Maximize Every Feature of Salesforce

Re-Launch to Maximize Every Feature of Salesforce

Have you been using Salesforce for a few years? Was it fully customized when you went live?

Did this happen to you?

  1. If you’re like MANY Salesforce customers, you did a basic implementation of Sales Cloud, then planned to have your internal Admin do all the additional modifications.
  2. You tailored Salesforce for your business processes at that period in time. Now, you have new technology, different third-party software, and your Sales Team could be rebelling because Salesforce is hindering their effectiveness, instead of helping.
ETG Salesforce

ETG Re-Launches let you start again.  We re-Implement and tailor your Salesforce system, taking it to the next level.  During a Re-Launch we review your current needs, then modify Salesforce to address your latest sales processes, we Automate steps, Add & Remove fields, Clean up your screens, Fix Security & User-access issues, Add Reports & Dashboards … the whole shebang.

The purpose of a Re-Launch is to Maximize the ROI of Salesforce. It’s grown and changed over the years and ETG optimizes every feature to increase user adoption and help you use its’ full range of features to enhance your business.

As an ISV (Software Developers for Salesforce), we have some great tools that we include with our Implementations and Re-Launches. (Don’t worry – there’s no hidden fees that pop up later!) This increase the value of ETG as your Partner, and we make Salesforce even easier to use for your Marketing and Sales Teams.

The Scope of a Re-Launch can range from our “Core Functionality Improvement” to an entire system Re-build that includes Integrations, Marketing, eCommerce, CPQ, customizations for your unique needs, and more. Let’s start with a short 10 minute call.  Talk to us about your challenges, your needs, your vision for the future. We’ll work with you to define a path forward that’s both affordable and achievable.

About ETG Digital

ETG is a Salesforce Strategic partner. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, ETG is ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a global delivery center in Hyderabad, India. We have a dedicated team serving the business worldwide from multiple locations in the US, Canada, UAE, UK, Australia, and India. Over the last two decades, we have been dedicated to customer success through leveraging emerging technologies. We provide customized and tailor-made solutions for retailers starting their eCommerce journey.

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