Customer Centric Retailing – A New Way Of Leveraging Personalized Experience

Customer Centric Retailing – A New Way Of Leveraging Personalized Experience

You have to put many factors into place to develop a booming business in today’s world. The customer is one of such crucial factor. In recent times, retailers emphasize more on personalized customer experience. So, a customer-centric business model is essential. To achieve a positive and personalized experience and pay more attention to their customers, a customer-centric business model helps the organization.

A study shows that failure in providing a better customer experience forces companies to lose in billions, whereas an increase in positive customer experience could lead to additional revenue increment. So, customer-centricity favors the company’s interest, even though it is in the customers’ interest. Today customers dictate how brands shape their customer experience as their needs determine how they shop – online, offline or both, and where they carry out transactions. 

To be more customer-centric, tailor-made around customers’ needs, the main challenge is how to redefine business operations in every industry with the changes in customer aspirations. Research shows that the implementation of a customer-centric strategy is 55% more profitable for the companies. If you desire to deliver a great customer experience to your customers, improve your business in line with the recent trends by promoting customer-centric values. 

“93% of customers say trusting a company makes them more likely to recommend that company”


What Is A Customer-Centric Company?

Offering excellent customer experience in all stages – from search through purchase and finally post-purchase (If in case the customer needs any return/replacement of the product) – is all comes under being a customer-centric company. A customer-centric company promotes personalized customer experience before and after the conclusion of sales. This way, companies assure to cherish customer loyalty, the culture of repeating customers, and ultimately increased profits. Make your customers satisfied and loyal to you, which leads to more positive referrals, more new leads and an increase in sales with the customer-centric business.

Benefit of Implementing a Customer-Centric Strategy

Challenges Associated With Being Customer-Centric

In trying to make your business more customer-centric, it is also important that you know the challenges a company might face. Knowing what to be involved in becoming a customer-centric brand and applying those in your CRM is not enough. Here, we are going to discuss few Challenges associated while implementing a Customer-centric model in your business. 

  • While choosing a product to purchase, customers willingly compare the available brands, and the demand is gradually growing. So, it would help if you had an exhaustive understanding of the communication within your company to become a customer-centric brand truly. 
  • Poor communication among the employees, management, and also between different departments. In several scenarios, store associates are not well informed about top-level management decisions, and hence the service delivery got delayed. So, this culture has to change to achieve the culture of customer-centricity effectively. There should be a flow of correct information from the top management down to the last man at the bottom of the company chart. Everyone in the organization should actively participate in making this transformation. 
  • Often silo culture makes operationalizing around customers difficult due to the simple, functional and product silo design of organizations. To deliver a unique experience by joining up distinct silos in a bid often turns out to be a step too far as each silo has its structure of operation, processes and technology consigned to it. Instead, in building up various sections during product creation, these individual silos can be involved in separate duties.

You will get a better sense of your loyal customer if information can be duly spread across departments and in addition to finding new customers, with the right content or product you can retarget your returning customers. 

Solutions to overcome implementation issues of customer-centric model

To make a Customer-centric experience reality, your brand requires adoption and embodiment of skills and competencies. In today’s digital world, building a customer-centric organization is complicated. There’s now an expectation from customers for greater customer attention, while new technologies have allowed companies to roll out changes.

To exceed customer expectations and deliver excellent expectations, you need to place yourself in their shoes since they are becoming more informed and empowered in product choice. Put customer requirements and a preference for communication at the starting point of the purchase process to implement a customer-centric strategy.

To transform your business into a customer-centric company, CRM experts of ETG Digital have shared a few rudimentary tips and solutions so that you can implement a customer-centric model flawlessly.

“Personalized engagement has emerged as a key differentiator. Mandating a smooth flow of information among marketing, sales, service, and commerce systems”

— Partha Kotagiri,
Vice President Technology & Customer Success,
ETG Digital

Prior preparation of Adoption of the Customer-centric culture Before hiring employees, who would be expected to uphold the company’s value, you should make the customer-need your company’s core value. Your employees should be empathic and focused on customer needs. They should understand the customer needs and develops ideas targeted at realizing them.  
Customer Research

The more you improve on your customer experience, the more customers you will attract. To understand their customers both collectively and on an individual basis, learn to monitor your performance. Collecting data from communication sources like – call-center logs, social media feedback, or transitional surveys- see how the customer feels about your brand. This in-depth research of customer feedback will provide you with the best way to understand and deliver a Customer-centric experience. To fully understand customer needs, Customer relationship management should be properly utilized. After all, if the love is reciprocated, it is very easy to love a brand. Since a customer-centric strategy creates loyal customers, it is a key to the development and growth of services, giving them a reason not to turn their backs on your brand.

Create deeper connections with data obtained

To put your customers in the center of all you do, analyze customer data which provides you with a predictive model. This model will give you a forecast of what your customers want as well as how they shop. With it provide a personalized experience which they are more likely to repeat.

Optimize your customer marketing strategy

To monitor and measure your engagement with your customers, grasp the influence of digital marketing. A customer-centric brand has the opportunity to focus more on the customer rather than itself, thanks to various marketing tech and multi-channel strategies and detect the level of engagement you have with these buyers.

Empower and encourage your employees

Your staffs are the frontline of your business, even though customers are the core value of your business. Therefore, empower them to make the required decisions that would readily meet those customer needs. To ensure that every customer interaction translates into sales, give your customer service professionals the necessary tools, skills, and confidence to identify and seize the opportunity. The scenes decision making from your equipped employees would quickly enhance customer experience.


To survive in today’s world, retailers still have some work to do if they prioritize generating revenue over meeting the needs of their customers. So, to develop strategies that focus solely on benefiting your type of customers, reach ETG Digital. Learn how Salesforce #1 CRM helps you create a personal experience at every moment — from the first search to the final purchase, and each turns of the journey in between.

How ETG Can Help ?

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