How Salesforce Helps Small eCommerce Business?

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There is a significant different IT infrastructure, needs, and resources when a small business or Startup is compared to a large organization. However, no matter their origin, trade, and employee numbers, CRM is a large part of many various industries. There are still some considerations to think about when it comes to CRM systems like Salesforce for small business owners. To cater to the needs of small businesses, Salesforce Solutions highlight customer patterns and trends to create targeted marketing communications for high-value customers.

You need to consider what Salesforce products will be right for you if you have decided that your growing company needs to manage your customer data. Salesforce options are enormous, and with this unlimited scaling and customizing capacity, it can be challenging to know where to start. Being a small business doesn’t mean you cannot manage and plan your processes, Salesforce offers more solutions, and it’s worth exploring the product and solution portfolio in the long run.

How Is Salesforce Helping Small eCommerce Businesses?

Before getting the road map of how Salesforce can help, you should know how your small business is currently performing. To evolve your business and measure your eCommerce success, the metrics that need to check are:

  • Determine your conversion rate
  • Calculate the traffic driving to your website
  • Average of items ordered/sold
  • Ratio of successful and declined order

It’s easier to find areas for improvement and strengths when you understand the performance of your business.

Salesforce is helping businesses of every size – How?

  • A unified view of all the information you need.
  • Easy follow up of leads
  • Automate the tracking system of calls, meetings and emails
  • Sync correct info from your inbox
  • Work from wherever you want – at the office or on the road
  • Provide Customizable view of Sales details
  • Using Salesforce mobile app, update and access data from anywhere at anytime
  • Personalized transaction.
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A Quick View Of Pros And Cons Of Using Salesforce For Small eCommerce Business


  • Manage existing customers for small businesses.
  • Discover new customers through tools provided.
  • Online marketing and social media marketing can be managed easily.
  • Manage sales and support exceedingly well.
  • The customer support is good.
  • Cloud access enables real-time access to customer data. No need to install any software.
  • Companies can easily track activities of their employees.
  • Supports all major browsers


  • User interface has some scope of improvement.
  • Additional cost needs to provide for proper Marketing scope.
  • Small businesses will have to bear the extra costs, if you want to use third-party solutions or want to customize.
  • It can be overwhelming to use such complex solution, without having a dedicated marketing or sales team.
  • Customization is needed to get the most out of Salesforce

Why is Salesforce Best for Small Business

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Tips for Growing Your Small Business with Salesforce Technology

  • Know your customers

Efficiently handling an ever-growing list of customer queries is one of the significant challenges faced by small businesses. Salesforce gives you access to a centralized system that empowers your executives by providing all the info about the product details, purchase date, order status, return/refund status etc. So, every time your customers have any interaction, you can delight them by confidently answering their queries immediately and with an appropriate solution.

  • Generate high-quality leads

Improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, find prospective customers, and close deals quickly, with Salesforce’s customer analysis feature businesses. You can build lookalike profiles and identify new prospects by gaining a thorough understanding of the purchasing habits of current and past customers. Salesforce paves the way for improving your chances of success by providing a well-researched yet low-cost lead generation solution.

  • Predict customer needs

Salesforce Einstein, an analytics AI, brings individualization of customer experience. Even before there is a demand for such products or services, you can predict what customers want and cater to their needs, which gives customers a feeling that the brand understands their needs.

  • Automate marketing campaigns

You can plan and automate marketing campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud enables you to target customers with automated marketing messages, set according to a workflow that consists of a set of instructions. Custom-built templates define the workflows. And to achieve the kind of results you want, you also have the option to modify them in the middle of a campaign.

  • Build time-saving apps

To meet the needs of a business, develop a custom-built mobile app that can be a game-changer in many ways. App Cloud by Salesforce is one such feature where there is no coding involved, and users (even users with non-technical background) can quickly build their apps for their unique business needs.

  • Grow a customer community

To address customer queries or concerns, Social media sites is a disastrous space. You can eliminate public exposure to problems by building a community of your existing customers. Salesforce Community Cloud can make this happen, a secure space for the customers to collaborate with your business. To find the answers to their common queries or concerns about your products/services, it also acts as a communication platform for your customers.

  • Gain a slight business advantage

Customers today expect personalized service, and all businesses strive towards offering a hyper-personalized experience. Salesforce offers intelligent systems and technologies to provide a unique and personalized service. To personalize their services and improve their employee productivity, Salesforce enables automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence, which is profitable, especially to small businesses.

  • Match customer expectations

Manage customer expectations with ease. With the help of Salesforce, SMBs can endeavor to meet ever-changing customer expectations and offer frictionless service and thus attract and retain their customers.


At ETG Digital, we provide Salesforce Services that can meet the requirements of your small business. If you are exploring ways to grow your business with Salesforce, as it is widely considered one of the best solutions, our experts can help you set up your success road map

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