Hyper Personalization: A step towards creating Smarter Customer Experience

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Customer expectations are surging high, and now they are savvier and better informed than ever before. Without crossing the lines of their online privacy, they expect brands to convey just the right message every time. It creates little or no customer attention for the brand when a marketer communicates the same message to a broad customer segment.  

Customers are expecting hyper-personalization

In today’s world, a personalized customer experience is what matters for customers. According to a survey, customers are ready to pay more for a better customer experience. To stand out from the competition, Organizations need to focus on delivering personalized or hyper-personalized experiences for customers.

What exactly is hyper-personalization?

As defined by Business2Community, hyper-personalization is 
– “The use of data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services, and content.”

To drive personalized customer experiences in real-time, Hyper-personalization helps organizations leverage omni-channel data. Modern customers are using not less than 2-3 digital devices – laptops, smartphones or any other wearable tech devices. Loads of information about customer lifestyle and online behavior can be gathered through these devices. To offer hyper-personalized services, businesses are harnessing this Data to drive personalized customer experiences across the buyer journey.

Every customer is a different entity; they have specific needs and expectations for products and services they choose to buy, so marketers must focus on driving one-to-one communications with customers. This is where retailers need Hyper-personalization as it will lead to customer loyalty by ensuring personalized communication and more meaningful interactions with customers. To establish an emotional connection with the brand, they need to create personalized customer interaction programs and create more loyal customers than their competitors. Across the brand’s customer engagement campaigns, hyper-personalization cultivates a strong customer-first philosophy.

Elements Of Hyper-Personalization

To elevate the personalization strategy, let’s talks about the four core elements of hyper-personalization: 

  1. Know your customers:

Companies will be able to engage much more effectively if they can pool all customer information, includes – user attributes, past interactions across all channels and purchasing behaviors.  

  1. Interact before they even know their need: 

Delight your customer by preemptively solve issues based on personalized needs. To support proactive outreach and predictively identify opportunities, Data and analytics can enable contact center agents and can create a better-trained, more empathetic workforce. Sales reps can determine the right times to reach out when a live interaction is preferred.

  1. Integration across all channels: 

A better alignment and collaboration of customer care, product development, marketing, and operations required for a seamless customer experience throughout the journey. 

  1. Implementing real-time agent tools: 

Companies can reduce barriers to addressing customer needs and resolving problems by eliminating cumbersome platforms. Then to make real-time decisions in their interactions with customers, Agents are free to show true empathy.

Personalization Vs. Hyper-Personalization

The most common example of traditional personalization is mentioning the first name in the subject line of an email. This approach merely uses profiling and focuses on personal and transactional information such as name, organization, purchase history etc. Traditional personalization helps to make certain assumptions about the customer based on their characteristics.

On the other hand, Hyper-personalization takes into consideration behavioral and real-time data such as browsing behavior, engagement data to interpret their intent and in-application behavior, so, is a more complex and evolved technique. Ultimately, this results in a greater conversion due to more contextualized communication. Hyper-personalized communication includes pushing notifications when customers are more active or removing unengaging sections of the website.

Hyper-Personalization Framework For Driving Customer Engagement

Steps to a Hyper-Personalized Framework:

  • Data Collection 

Collecting Data is the first step towards a hyper-personalized framework. It can be difficult to identify each group of users’ needs if your business caters to a wide variety of users. It’ll not be easy to understand who your customers are and their expectations without valid data. This is where collecting accurate and relevant data comes in. An automated customer engagement platform can help you collect the required Data for your business which is also armed with actionable analytics. 

  • Customer Segmentation 

The data collected will help you carve out hyper-personalized messages and experiences for them by decoding how customers are interacting with your brand. But without segmentation, scaling the hyper-personalization process is incomplete. You will get engaged and loyal customers only when you combine data and segmentation.

  • Targeted Journeys 

You can start with hyper-personalized communication once you’ve identified and segmented your customers. And the key to success is choosing the right channel at the right time. The more chances of conversion you’ll have when you can establish more targeted and relevant communication.

  • Measurement and Analysis 

You’ll be able to replicate it for sustained results once you’ve figured out the specifics of which campaign is directly related to your revenue. So, it’s important to measure the success of the campaign. 

Salesforce Makes Personalized Customer Experience a Reality

To help retailers create unified, personal customer journeys, Salesforce offers a variety of tools designed. Salesforce, the business CRM leader, provides tools that provide a seamless, fast, effective digital customer experience. No matter where or when customers may purchase, Salesforce makes it possible to provide a consistent customer experience. To provide a superior customer experience in the digital age, Salesforce turns available customer data into intelligent, actionable solutions. 

With commerce solutions, retailers can easily integrate in-store and online shopping benefits with reliable data science for accurate forecasting. Businesses gain a complete view of their customers with pre-built apps and components from the Salesforce AppExchange and offer fast, reliable, personal service, unified across every channel. 

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