Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud the Right Fit for Your Business?

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud powers industry leading brands like Adidas, Converse, Crocs, Hush Puppies, Nautica, among others. Currently, there are 4,906 live stores running on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. As per Store Leads, of these, 35.8% of Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores sell apparel, 11.5% stores offer beauty & fitness products and 8.9% stores deal with home & garden stuff. Great, but how would you determine is Salesforce Commerce Cloud is your ideal solution as well?

If any of the following questions resonate with you, chances are high it is. 

  • Are you looking for a single, agile, fast deployment solution that can help you meet all your marketing needs? Something with rich integrations with leading ecommerce providers, to allow you save time and money by managing every aspect of your business seamlessly? 
  • Would you prefer an efficient e-commerce marketing strategy, along with social media management to help you stay ahead of your competition? 
  • Are you facing difficulties keeping track of your wide network of business customers and partners? 
  • Are you looking forward to scale quickly and customize equally fast? 
  • Are you interested in a personalized self-service online shopping experience for your customers? 
  • Would you like a responsive customer service team that’s always got your back? 
  • Is managing multiple catalogues, prices, and contracts, along with keeping your sales reps in loop, getting too overwhelming? 
  • Do you wish to grow by leveraging real time analytics and custom reports to better understand your business and make smarter decisions? 
  • Would you want your organization to deepen the engagement with its buyers irrespective of the complexity of orders? 
  • Do you want to boost revenue by cross-selling products, by featuring them with other related items or offering limited time discounts to selected customers?

If yes, read on..  

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is ideal for any business interested to grow their brand value, explore unknown business opportunities, attract, convert and retain more customers and increase revenue. This cloud-based commerce platform is the best choice for any growth-oriented business looking to create extraordinary, interactive, customized and engaging buying experiences for their customers, across multiple channels – web, mobile, store, social, etc.

What are the Features & Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud for your business?

1. Fast & Seamless Ordering

At times, while solely focusing on creating customized experiences by integrating multiple systems into the legacy order management system, companies fall prey to a slow and error-filled end-to-end commerce experience. But, with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you are entitled to a customized as well as a swift and flawless ordering process to delight your customers. Courtesy, the ‘Lightning’ order management add-on, which is a single unified platform that integrates all your systems to let you manage seamless workflows, visually. 

It is your ordering command centre, that lets you customize your processing, shipping, and delivery processes with the help of simple drag-and-drop tools. You may even conveniently automate payment captures and invoices. All it takes, is one quick glance at your inventory and you can prevent sell-throughs and overstocks. 

Lightning also offers your customers the self-service option, by allowing them to check their order statuses, or cancel, return, and exchange orders themselves.

2. Minimized OOS Sales Loss

The Salesforce add-on, ‘Endless Aisle’ lets you minimize sales lost due to unavailability or out of stock issues, by tying the in-store and digital experience together. The result being, if a customer wants to buy something not available in store, instead of leaving them empty-handed, your associates assist them with an iPad to place the order online, with options to get their items delivered directly to their residence. 

The endless aisle technology even offers your customers the option to help themselves, using in-store kiosks, offering information about your newest products, limited time sales or any other relevant information to help amplify their overall shopping experience and boost your revenue.

3. Expanded Market Reach Across Borders

Salesforce Commerce Cloud lets you launch and manage multiple storefronts for multiple locations across the globe, and all this from a single back-end platform. It enables your team to communicate in any language, like Chinese, Japanese, or French, by enabling the suitable languages, translations, and currencies. It also helps you create targeted content and offers as per the country, state, or city, so irrespective of your customers’ geographical location, each of them receives an equally stellar experience. 

Salesforce Managed Service Experts

4. Predictive Intelligence With Einstein AI

Salesforce’s Einstein AI is the next-gen artificial intelligence platform that eliminates the need for manual data segregation and analysis, installation of third-party extensions and automates all your digital marketing efforts single-handedly. The tool’s machine learning and deep learning analytics offers unique product recommendations based on your customers’ browsing behaviours and purchases across touch points. It presents customers with products they may like, prevents cart abandonment, and increases the average order value. It strategically showcases new items, and creates awareness for slower-moving inventory. The platform even ensures that your mobile customers are engaged through spot-on product suggestions based on the time they spend on their phones and social media. 

5. Boost Your Marketing Efforts, Without IT Support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps marketers and merchandisers easily create an aesthetic, engaging and user-friendly website, code-free, with ‘Commerce Page Designer’. Even pre-built templates and tools are available to help you create look books, promotional banners, landing pages, and more in just a few minutes, all by yourself, without the aid of any agency. 

SFCC also allows you to build, launch and boost your marketing campaigns, based on your customers’ demographics and psychographics. You can harness its AI powered recommendations to attract and retain customers, improving your conversion and user retention rate. Its SEO tools and suggestions are helpful to optimize your products and pages, to further boost your organic presence. 

6. Smarter Decisions with Better Insights

SFCC captures data when users visit your website, and uses it to run a whole host of reports like Conversion Reports, Purchase Reports, Catalogue Reports, Traffic Reports, Customer Reports, Search and Navigation Reports, A/B Testing Reports, and more. These insights can be leveraged by your Sales team to develop efficient sales strategies, to skyrocket revenue.

7. Outstanding Customer Support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides you with round-the-clock support, to cover all possible issues, right from fixing codes, to improving security concerns, and anything in between. It also helps you engage untapped customer base, by staying connected with your customers 24×7 to cater to all their needs in real-time.

8. Enhanced Scalability

Businesses expand with time, which makes scalability one of the most important factors for e-commerce platforms. Salesforce Commerce Cloud has the capacity to scale automatically to build pages that load faster, ensure secure transactions, handle high transaction volumes, sudden traffic spikes, a mass inventory, and more.

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