How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Enables Headless Commerce with MuleSoft?

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Established as Salesforce Cloud in 2016, Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading B2C and B2B commerce solution and was recently named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Q2 2020 report. Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables brands to create unified buying experiences overall channels - Web, Social, Mobile, and eStore.

COVID-19 has placed a focus on eCommerce as drastic changes in consumer behavior are accelerating the movement out of in-store retail into online. Retailers are turning rapidly to develop revenue channels that are updated, by building approaches to estimate their shoppers while eCommerce businesses are tuning their working models. The rapid rise of smartphones means retail brands need to innovate quickly with sleek front-end designs and focus on building out optimized, connected customer experiences. The rapid innovation that leads to the connected customer experiences required today is made possible through what is widely known as headless commerce. Traditional commerce architecture is tightly coupled with out-of-the-box commerce storefront templates, requiring developers to synchronously modify both front-end and back-end code when building new commerce experiences. Headless commerce, on the other hand, separates the infrastructure layer from the APIs, decoupling the underlying commerce engine from UX/UI layer for faster, asynchronous development.

The speedy ascent of smart phones implies retail brands will need to advance rapidly with smooth front-end layouts and give attention to exercising compact, optimized, customized user experiences.

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MuleSoft definitely has plenty to deliver. Knowing it’s the very trusted and powerful enterprise integration platform raises questions such as, “what exactly does MuleSoft do!” Businesses demand technology to unleash the possibility of data, also is offered by MuleSoft.

Today, Businesses worldwide use MuleSoft to make use of data that sit at the darkened corners of data silos.

MuleSoft expands its integration framework to coincide with the scalability of firm, linking all systems of a business to get a well-rounded experience.

“Connected experience is here to stay, not go.” For seamless cross-system connectivity, integration is imperative.

MuleSoft does exactly that – it brings together an organization’s applications, data reservoirs, devices for faster connectivity, and networking between systems by deploying APIs.

SFRA – Headless commerce gives developers and IT teams autonomy over the customer experience based on the immediate needs of a brand. It enables a flexible deployment with decoupled layers of commerce services, scalability to pivot quickly, and the speed to make accelerated updates. And what lies at the core of headless commerce are APIs and API-led connectivity. By componentizing the business and using commerce APIs to deliver services between the front and back-end, brands have the flexibility to power a wide range of omnichannel experiences. Using API-led connectivity, developers enable commerce anywhere and seamlessly integrate with other content management systems. Today, we will discuss how Salesforce B2C Commerce has transformed to enable rapid innovation and ensure a future-proof foundation with headless commerce.

To start, they worked with B2C Commerce product managers who championed a design-first approach, building APIs on MuleSoft. The Commerce Cloud team focused on building APIs that required the highest security standards, leveraging MuleSoft’s out-of-the-box security tools to get these APIs up and running quickly. Additionally, the teams prioritized building assets that could be reused across the organization and made them available on Any point Exchange as discoverable assets. Now, with MuleSoft and an API-led approach, B2C Commerce is faster and more innovative than ever.

The Commerce Cloud Developer Center provides our customers with what they need to build headless apps quickly, and gives Commerce Cloud the structure it needs to innovate and introduce new services and features going forward. Salesforce headless commerce gives retailers an advantage of attracting new and retain customers.

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