ETG Email-to-Lead receives an incoming email, then converts it into a lead

Responding to emailed leads is challenging, especially when your goal is to respond quickly. Emailed leads often sit for days, waiting for an Admin, or Sales Rep to review and add them to Salesforce manually. 

ETG’s Email to Lead App automatically creates Lead records from inbound emails.

ETG Email to Lead simplifies and automates your inbound Lead management. When an email arrives at your designated incoming email address, the software creates the Lead, inserts the Name and Company/Account information, along with the originating email address.

Existing Salesforce processes can then be triggered to automate the outbound response process.

ETG Email-to-Lead Features

  • Store the content of each email: As an attachment to the Lead
  • Pre-filter and Block various Domains: Don’t save emails from,, emails. (Configurable)
  • Duplicate Lead management: Options to automatically Create a new Lead, or Update an existing Lead, along with the email content, if the email address already exists
  • Automatically Assign: The Lead Owner
  • Automatically Notify: The Lead Owner (Configurable)
  • Reports and Dashboards: Summarize and Report the conversions of your incoming email


  • Salesforce Products:
    • Sales Cloud: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance
    • Professional Edition: ONLY works if your company has purchased the optional (a product you buy from Salesforce) API access license.  The API Access License is an additional pay-for product ONLY available through your Salesforce Account Executive.
    • Essentials Edition: This product is NOT compatible with the Essentials Edition of Salesforce
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