5 Ways to Optimize eCommerce for Holiday Season

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COVID –19 has upended the consumer retailer relation worldwide, this covers both consumers’ expectations and shopping trends. The November-December holiday sales season, is the best of times for retailers, for sure but this year may be the purchase mode will change – offline to online. 

Consumers will continue to increasingly buy online or mix internet and in-store purchases when the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror. Maybe the family friends get together on thanksgiving and Christmas won’t be a reality this year but nothing can stop you to share gifts with your dear ones and the best mode in this pandemic situation is online. Among these all uncertainties one thing is obvious everyone is going to celebrate this holiday may be virtually but surely, we will. So, let’s be prepared to bring back the boom in the retail industry

Early Indicators of Holiday Sales

An analysis from Nosto “eCommerce web traffic stabilized to +3%. After a 66% spike in global daily ecommerce sales in at the height of lockdown, this has levelled off to an average 7% above levels recorded last year, as of early August.”

Prior to the pandemic, Retailers were already under pressure, they are struggling to adapt the new normalcy – Growing online buyers – and surrounded by a plenitude of competitors. With more people shopping online, the Covid-19 outbreak has accelerated the trends of e-platform.

The biggest shopping drivers for consumers and win-win seasons for retailers are the festive seasons. Holiday peak season will likely follow suit if back-to-school shopping spends is less this year than last. Maximum consumers are busy in spending on products like disposable gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes, as the current season is – back –to- school. If not already finished, consumers with kids are in the midst of school shopping.

This year there is a chance of going unpredicted. Going forward, it is quite obvious that this online shift will continue.

“One structural change I see over the next few years is fewer occasions for new clothes.”
– Aneesha Sherman.

So, far it has been a challenging year, and as per the Accenture’s 14th Annual Holiday Shopping Survey, even the share of eCommerce rises, but this year overall holiday spending is expected to be lower. This makes the challenge for the retailers tougher; they have to be cautious and exceptionally thoughtful to win over customers.

Start Point – Holiday Checklist for eCommerce

To make a heavy portion of their annual revenue, retailers rely on this holiday season. This year brings many changes in consumer buying habit but retailers can do business just by creating a seamless experience for customers. After such calamity in the retail industry, a business can still expect a boom in the coming holiday season, but to ensure we are not missing anything let’s start with preparing a checklist. 

Before preparing the holiday eCommerce checklist, make sure that your site is ready to deliver a personalized online shopping experience to all the customers and you have updated third-party integration and solid infrastructure.

Provide the Best User Experience

Let’s take a look at some of the crucial points you should take care:

Automated Selling & Shipping With Proper Declaration Of Return & Refund Policies

A clear plan of selling and shipping the products is vital to execute a great customer experience strategy. Consider every sales channel to spread holiday cheers. To eliminate the pains of shipping and processing, this holiday season, retailers can enable BOPIS while delivering a convenient and safe shopping experience.

Train Your Customer Support Team For Holiday Traffic

Make sure your support team can handle the surge 24/7. To handle any questions and concerns, be prepared and make information readily available.

Strategic Marketing & Promotions

To sell their products most efficiently, the stores have to meet lots of unexpected changes this year. Before big holiday spending periods start it’s important to make sure your store is fully optimized. Here are some points to follow to make sure you are completely ready for the frenzy of holiday selling:

Keep A Keen Eye On The Metrics Of The Holiday Campaign

Having a clear idea about the metrics of Your Holiday Campaign is vital at this moment. The performance of your promotions and campaigns a predict your percentage of profit.

Major KPIs to measure marketing success

Metrics to measure success of your website

Gather all the necessary data and optimize your plan accordingly. Increase the effort in the promotion where engagement is more and adjust with the promotions which are not that much effective. Suppose make a new plan for increasing traffic from other channels, if a majority of your site traffic is coming from a single source.

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COVID -19 has a very worse impact on the retail industry and retailers are eagerly looking forward to this holiday season to bring the graph of profit in a considerable range and start the new year 2021 with a positive note. On the other hand, consumers are also longing for this as they want to send some token to loved ones, they haven’t seen all year. This year, more people will be ordering online and preparing your business for this paradigm shift is no small task. Both the customers and business owners need to make the whole process – from choosing items, shipped to deliver – to be smooth.

A safe holiday season for shoppers will be ensured by the extra attention of the retailers. So, retailers – be ready to pivot fast and to stay ahead be up to date about the new norms and regulations of COVID -19.

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