E-Commerce Testing in 2020: What you need to know?

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What is E-commerce testing?

The testing of any online shopping/e-commerce application to identify, rectify and prevent any errors can be called as E-commerce testing, the main intention being to ensure software quality and reliability.

Test Segments

Website is the major aspect for E-commerce testing which must be in perfect shape for a great user experience and conversions as well. Below are the most important test segments in an E-Commerce website which need to be fully operational.

Search Bar
This is the primary contact for the user to interact with the products and catalogue segments, all the other filter and sort functionalities need to be reverified in here
Product Categories
The various products and variety of categories listed separately gives a rich user experience particularly as many retailers are looking to add multiple and newer categories (BOPIS) to address the growing demand in the current pandemic era
Payment UI
The most important part of the website being the payment gateway needs to be tested for security, financial stability during peak times along with the email & text alerts sent to the customer before the timeout period
Order Management
Post the order confirmation, the customer always has a keen eye on the package whether it is being delivered on time or to expect any delays. Various other functionalities like order history, refunds & returns need to be tested before making the website go live
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E-commerce testing consists of all the typical testing types, below is the list:

The Role of Testing Tools

Experts believe testing tools will be able to provide accurate results and recommendations since the advent of ML & AI. The benefit here being the effective utilization of machine learning algorithms instead of traditional A/B testing which allows to add banners, modals, and overlays even faster than before

Testing Tools - ML & AI

Importance of E-Commerce Testing in 2020

The need for E-commerce has been more than ever in 2020 due to the pandemic, making the industry the fastest growing in the current fiscal. This means that a lot of retailers going online which in-turn makes E-commerce implementation partners even more valuable, thus making a strong case for E-commerce testing before making both the web & mobile application go live.

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