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Yes, Salesforce is amazing which is why it continues to grow at over 25% year-on-year. Also, the fact that it is on track to hit $26.4 billion this fiscal year, and expects to reach $31.8 billion in the next, isn’t jaw dropping either. Tons of companies are leveraging Salesforce. But let us ask is your Salesforce being Managed right? 

Do you have the right people with the right skillset, to design, develop, build, implement, test, manage and ensure the efficient utilization of your Salesforce CRM? 

Finding the right skillset to use Salesforce to its optimum is easier said than done. The reasons are many, the biggest challenge being that Salesforce is such a complex and multi-faceted solution, serving multiple business areas and purposes. Successfully managing this number one CRM requires a myriad of specialized skillsets. Finding talents that can successfully cater to these niche roles, is really difficult, if not impossible, and leads to the ever-widening Salesforce skills gap for organizations.


Is your business too struggling to find the Salesforce talent it needs?

Unlike ERP software which are bought, implemented and managed with IT oversight, Salesforce is a SaaS solution sold directly at departmental levels like marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service. And, since it doesn’t require a major on-premises installation, it’s so much faster and simpler to deploy and start benefitting from. However, there still is an equal level of investment involved, which is various kinds of experts, like developers, integration specialists, project managers, business analysts, and more, to manage and scale Salesforce for a growing business. This is one aspect that businesses seldom worry about, more so in the beginning. But, once Salesforce is deployed and needs to be managed, the need is felt sooner than later.

And once the requirement arises, businesses hire a Salesforce Administrator for managing and maintaining the platform. These administrators definitely have the knowledge and experience required to customize and maintain the solution, but they seldom have the other specialized skills needed to manage, scale and integrate mission-critical organization-wide software, with the evolving business.

Another situation arises, specially in mid-market businesses, when Salesforce starts with a single department and doesn’t require a full-time team of developers, project managers, analysts, and specialists to support it. But as the usage expands to other departments, courtesy its awesome features that attracts all the leaders to leverage it, the one Salesforce Administrator gets stretched too thin to meet all the new needs of the business. Which results to an underutilized Salesforce, incapable of delivering the results it ought to.

Hiring an in-house team of Salesforce specialists is not feasible

  • Recruitment takes time and dedication

Hiring is a long, slow process, which requires a lot of patience and dedication. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that an organization takes an average of 42 days to find, vet, negotiate and finally hire a technical delivery professional!

  • New hires may leave

Even after completing the tiresome hiring process, the candidate may leave soon. Researchers have found that on an average about 22% of hires leave within the first 2 months! There remains a 1 in 5 chance, that they may quit, that too after the tedious process of 42 days of recruitment, and 45 days of on boarding and training. As per PWC, these employee losses cost an organisation around 50 to 150% of their annual salary! Also, even if they stay the first couple months, the Harvard Business Review finds that 33% of these new hires start looking for a job within their first six months of joining.

  • Hiring is expensive, plus there’s cut-throat competition

Entry-level and experienced Salesforce professionals have bountiful opportunities with the ever-increasing rise of companies using Salesforce products. And, when demand exceeds supply, prices are bound to increase. Companies offer an average of $101k – 143k to Salesforce Administrators, Developers, and Architects, in an attempt to lure resources away from their current employers. Added to which there’s hiring bonuses and high salary bumps, such fierce is the competition.

So, what’s the solution?

Salesforce Managed Services – your flexible, scalable, and economic solution to realize your Salesforce investment, without the need to recruit additional full-time, dedicated employees. All you need is an experienced Salesforce partner like ETG Digital.

Salesforce Experts

What Should You Choose ETG Digital For Your Salesforce Managed Services?

1. Fill Skills Gap With Our Top Talents

With us you are entitled to a package of Salesforce experts to meet all your needs. Take advantage of our certified Salesforce Consultants, Administrators, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, App Developers, Implementation Engineers, Project Managers, and more. So, you don’t even need to hire full-time in-house employees to fill any skills and specialties gap.

2. Get In-Depth Salesforce Consulting to suit your needs

We begin with learning about your business processes and goals, and reviewing KPIs and current market trends to figure out and plan your personalized, step by step project roadmap. We will then provide you with the strategic front-end planning and one-stop-shop accountability, that saves you from costly and time-consuming re-dos, or the hassles of needing multiple consultants.

3. Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity our Sales Cloud Customization

Max out on efficiency with better data, intelligence and automation, with Salesforce automation, powered by AI. Our experts will help you leverage it for stronger sales strategies, streamlined real-time insights, and improved sales reps’ efficiencies. So, you can benefit from increased revenue and profitability, but at reduced overall costs.

4. Scale up your Customer Service by taking advantage of our Service Cloud Expertise

Scale your customer service with AI-powered workflow automation to save your team time and help them focus solely on helping customers. We will provide your organization with the roadmap to align customer-centric strategies with Salesforce’s best-in-class technologies, to help you nurture long-term relationships, improve your customer service experience and not just meet, but exceed your customers’ expectations.

5. Win Customers by leveraging our Marketing Cloud expertise

Our experience of working on Salesforce Commerce Cloud to complex multi cloud customizations gives us a unique advantage. The advantage of analyzing a complete customer journey across multiple channels.

Our Marketing Cloud experts design ideal customer buyer journeys by taking various data sources and channels into account. We ensure that your campaigns are personalized and behaviour centric which not only improves your lead nurturing but also upselling, cross-selling and maximizing your marketing ROI.

6. You Are Covered With 24×7 Proactive Support

We align our support services with your business needs. Our Managed Services team believes in resolving problems before they can impact your business. So, you can rest assured with our 24-hour support service, with customized holiday overflow options to augment your busy seasons.

7. Be Change Ready Our Change Management Services

We will be assisting you with updating your Salesforce org with each Salesforce release cycle and consult and train you on feature prioritization, adoption, and change management.

8. Our Salesforce Managed Services Are Cost Effective

With us you will be able to extend your team to meet all your Salesforce requirements at a much lower cost, as compared to the expense of bearing an in-house team. Also, being able to avoid the lengthy recruitment process, saves you time.

9. Leverage Truly Flexible Services, Without Added Costs

We take pride in the flexibility we offer our clients on our service models. When you choose any suitable model, you will also have the liberty to measure, optimize and tweak the service model as per your unique engagement needs. Another added plus would be, that all this flexibility comes without any overheads!

10. We Offer flexible Onsite, Offshore & Hybrid Delivery Models

Our Salesforce Managed Services delivery models are designed to produce high quality solutions with a clear focus on increasing ROI and reducing service delivery costs. Which is why our onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are complimented by our Offshore Salesforce Development Team of consultants and developers, ensuring the ideal solution with fast turnaround time. This hybrid model guarantees flexibility and scalability like no other.

Onsite, Offshore, or Hybrid, no matter what your preference is, there are no overheads attached, plus you own the source code developed and Intellectual Property Rights of the development work we do for you under our agreement.

Leave your Salesforce Managed Services worries to us.

Schedule a free consultation now!

About ETG Digital

ETG is a Crest Level Salesforce Partner headquartered in Plano, Texas. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a global delivery center in Hyderabad, India. We have dedicated teams of professionals spanning continents located in US, Canada, UAE, UK, Australia and India. Our ability to maintain talent hubs in multiple locations and working on projects for clients from various domains gives us a very unique advantage. An advantage to leverage proven technologies like Salesforce Commerce, Sales, Service, Partner and Marketing Clouds and using them to deliver tailor made solutions for clients to suit their business requirements.

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