How Salesforce Social Studio can boost Social Commerce

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In this digital age, social media is a crucial component of your sales and marketing strategies. Using various social media channels as a key to communicate with your customer has become increasingly popular. Users across a variety of social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, can interact with the brand easily and get their queries answered fast. 

What is Social Commerce?

Social media is a place where content goes viral. When retailers are using social media platforms to make a personalized shopping experience for the customer, the model is known as social commerce.

Social media makes it easy for the customers to share and recommend the brand they like. Customers are more allured to the social shopping experience as here they are getting real-time feedback from other users. In social commerce sites, users can browse and shop without leaving the social media platform. 

From increasing customer engagement and website traffic to increasing sales, Social commerce offers a myriad of business benefits only if you have done it right. 

How powerful is social media marketing?

Customers and prospects post various vital information and engage in numerous online conversations about themselves on social media. And you can make your campaigns more successful using those insights. 

Track your customer sentiment perhaps more effectively than any other traditional marketing platforms. Using social media, you can gather market intelligence in real-time and share personalized content with your qualified leads. The real challenge is to identify the relevant insight. Your marketing team must listen to every single conversation and pick the right target point by cutting through the clutter. 

How Salesforce is getting involved in Social Media?

You are true, when we hear the word ‘Salesforce’, social media doesn’t seem to come to our minds straight away. We immediately think of platforms such as Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Marketing Cloud, whenever we talk about Salesforce. We probably relate it to communities as Trailblazer or Partners or as well to solutions for CRM, analytics, integrations, and apps. It is definitely a sheer unawareness, as for long there’s an amazing salesforce tool that has been helping organizations of all sizes and industries. This Salesforce tool helps users to manage and engage with the customers across their all social media channels in a way that very few can do and the most interesting part is the user can listen to their social prospects directly. 

Yes, you got us we’re talking about Salesforce Social Studio. 

Let’s dig more to know how Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio can help you to boost commerce. We will start from the basics. 

What is Salesforce Social Studio?

Salesforce Social Studio helps to build meaningful relationships with your customers, sales, service, and marketing teams by connecting them through social channels. By eliminating any information silos, also ensure that no opportunities are lost and close the gap between your customer facing teams.

In 2014, Social Studio joined Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Social Studio helps in streamlining the social conversions, insight sharing across the departments, tracking engagements, and responding to the target audiences in time. Instead of via each individual’s social network, Social Studio enables users to correspond with clients from within a single tool. Since then, as the Social Studio is continuously addressing these issues, the number of users has increased dramatically and it allows collaboration and greater transparency company-wide. 

Social media management is not an option, is a must. Your fans, followers, and even competitors are sharing their thoughts across the most popular social media networks. They are saying regarding the things that matter to your stakeholders, services or products, or the whole business. After all, social media represents a third of all time spent online.

Salesforce Social Studio is a solution for engaging, listening, and publishing across all the social media channels and possibly help users to monitor the social footprints of your fans, followers, and even competitors across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn, to be precise. 

So, to control and manage the whole amount of data, interaction, the content that generated on daily basis through social media manually or using separate tools is incredibly difficult. By offering a one-stop solution, Salesforce Social Studio solves this problem. It helps users to run, schedule, create, and track campaigns organized by regions, products, brands, or multiple teams. In a nutshell, Salesforce Social Studio enables us to have our own social media operations center by offering additional services like – analyze trends, generate new ideas and measure keywords performance, etc. 

Why do we need Salesforce Social Studio?

Feedback on social media never stops and is not going to change. It literally happens 24X7. If we want to offer a great customer experience to both our customers and our followers, then you can act on it in real-time. Organizations will have a unique opportunity to respond if they are connected with their customers on social platforms. As soon as you receive an inquiry, you can assess its severity, and handle it efficiently if you are providing customer service via social media channels.  

It is absolutely crucial to tackling if the comments happen to be negative. As it spreads fast and hard to stop. on the other hand, positive feedback and recommendations generate ROI. Social media conversation can convert leads to opportunities and opportunities to sale. Identify a potential buyer and instantly make the connection in a social media campaign or come across a lead who is not satisfied with your competitor’s service. 

The best thing is, you will definitely get a good bunch of future customers right. Communication is the most important element of a relationship and using listening tools like Social studio, you can keep an eye on the targeted audience who are interacting with you but not completing the purchases.

Ground-breaking features of Salesforce Social Studio

Listen, engage and respond

Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio, conversations from over hundred sources can be listened to by your marketing team. This will give a vivid idea about what they are talking about your service, products, brands, and what is the standpoint of your competitors. The tool enables you to analyze customer sentiment and take immediate action by allowing you to dig deeper. You can drive your marketing strategies by drilling down to listen to everything about your brand across all networks. Using brand using machine-learning sentiment analysis and image recognition, you can monitor audience discussion on the topics related to your brand and so you can customize your marketing activities. 

You can quickly add and share trending news, graphics, content using salesforce social studio and it allows you to collaborate and plan a better social campaign. To complete the picture of your customer across social, email, and other digital channels, it enables you to automatically route social posts to your CRM platform. You can streamline and monitor your service cases based on customer feedback on the social media platforms by deploying a single platform for all social media engagement. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio enables your team to plug-in from anywhere at any time. Using this tool every social interaction adds in-put to a 360-degree view of the customer and ensures a far more responsive customer experience. 

Superior service

Social Studio helps you to keep a close eye on the customer interaction to develop insight. You will get a comprehensive view of the customers across all the platforms and service agents can respond in the social channel to resolve the issue. 

Sales reps can interact with prospects and work on new sales opportunities promptly as they are notified about social conversations in Sales Cloud. As Social Studio is enabling you to customize your Command Center experience and share your command center display on every screen in your office, marketers can even respond to issues and reroute them to Service Cloud. So, the overall team can have the live display of end-to-end marketing activity through the marketing command center.


Engage with your customers as efficiently as possible by focusing on your company’s entire social media strategy through one solution and surprise your customer with social customer care. By connecting various teams and departments, Social Studio integrates with the full Salesforce software suite and offers a personalized customer experience of the next level. 

Are you interested in strengthening your customer relationships? Let Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio takes the pain out of social media monitoring. Give us a call! ETG Digital is experts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio as we’ve got the experience to align your marketing, customer service, and sales efforts and turn them into real results.

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